About Us

We are invested in Your Gaming Journey

Gamingbrick is an initiative taken by Sanjay Gill on behalf of the gaming community to build an informational platform for all the gaming geeks.

We want to build a platform that could answer all the queries when it comes to gaming. Our aim is to simplify any gaming tool or topic and make the information available to the viewers in the best possible way.

Our team consists of professional writers, game play testers and researchers who will provide you with a detailed guide on all the games that are currently trending. We have the vision to make Gamingbrick a one-stop destination for all the latest games, equipment, and gaming tools that are available in the market.

Our Team

Justin Blake

Game Play Tester & Writer

Hi, My name is Justin Blake and I am an avid gamer. I got into programming and started studying computer science from the London University. Later I decided to pursue my passion for gaming and become a game play tester. I have an experience of 5+ years as a game play tester as I love trying out new games and writing about them.

Sanjay Gill


Hello there! I am Sanjay Gill, the founder of Gaming Brick. I was interested in gaming ever since I was a little kid. However, everything changed in 2017 with the release of Fortnite. I became so addicted to the gameplay that I started searching everything related to gaming. But, I couldn’t find any good quality websites that could answer my queries. I got very frustrated with the useless information on the gaming websites. So, I decided to start my own gaming blog. Soon after that, I built a team of people who were passionate like me about gaming in order to provide quality content without any fluff.

Kate Specter

Researcher & Content Head

Hi, I am Kate Specter. I started my researching journey back in college when I took the creative researching course. I loved writing and I began utilizing this skill by researching about the latest games and tools in the market.I love to debate with others on the topics related to the gaming industry.