3D Aim Trainer | Review 2023

I like playing FPS games but, is my aim good enough to dominate the competition?

To be honest, my aim was terrible at FPS games and I never used to win these games. So I decided to give the 3D Aim trainer a try.

I have been using this Aim trainer for a month and it got me thinking, why shouldn’t I write a detailed review on the 3D aim trainer.

So let’s get started!

What is 3D aim trainer ?

Launched in 2019, 3D aim trainer is a platform that helps players in improving their aim. It is a great tool for FPS gamers to polish their flicking, clicking, tracking, and other skills. No matter what FPS game you play, all of these require good aiming skills in order to compete. 

It offers different playing modes and an assessment portion of all your skills in one place. The training mode graphics aren’t that intense but, they are enough to get you engaged and keep wanting for more.

Modes offered by 3D Aim Trainer

1. Quick Play Mode

The quick play mode is designed for players that want to get started with their training asap. It gives players the option to choose their FPS games.

Currently, the 3D Aim trainer offers customized settings for many FPS games which are :

  • Fortnite
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Overwatch
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • PUBG
  • Krunker
  • Hyperscape
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • CS: GO
  • PUBG
  • Apex Legend
  • Valorant

You can choose and tweak the setting for any of these games according to your preference. Else, you can use the recommended training course and start practicing.

You do have the option to customize your primary and secondary weapons using the custom settings option. If you want to practice like a pro then you can also toggle with the Scopes for a better experience.

The quick play mode offers 15 training levels to test your training skills. All these training levels offer three levels of difficulty i.e. Easy, medium, and hard.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into each of these training levels

  • Tile frenzy

This training level focuses on improving your clicking technique. The players are presented with a large block of tiles. The goal of this exercise is to shoot those tiles as fast as possible.

  • Goalkeeper

In this level, you are presented with moving targets. The goal of this exercise is pretty simple. You just have to shoot the targets before they reach the goal

  • Zombie survival

The zombie survival level is pretty deadly. To complete the level, you have to protect yourself and the tower from the zombies.

  • Bounce ball

As the name suggests, shoot the bouncing balls as fast as possible in order to win. The higher the level the faster the ball bounces.

  • Bot Flick 

Bot Flick is a quick play training game that improves your flicking aim. The goal of this exercise is to shoot the bottle and flick your aim to the middle after shooting. The more bottles you shoot with accuracy, the faster your flicking aim improves.

  • Sphere Clash

This training is all about clicking. Shoot as many moving spheres as you can within a specified time limit to complete this training.

  • Burst Flick

This exercise focus on advance flick training. The players have to use the burst technique and flick their aim with speed to complete this training.

  • Bot Switch

This training is all about hitting the targets with precision.The goal is to shoot down the targets located at different locations as fast as possible.

  • Go Figure

Go figure training help in improving your straight line mouse clicking. The aim is to shoot the targets and make a shape like rectangle or triangle.

  • Bot Box

Bot box focuses on advance tracking aim. The goal is simple, track and shoot the bottles as fast as possible.

  • Iron Ball

Iron ball training is all about tracking. You have to shoot down the moving sphere as fast as possible. The sphere can move in any unpredictable direction.

  • Eagle nest ground

It is the ultimate training to improve your tracking aim. You have to shoot the moving bottle and destroy it as fast as possible.

  • Skyfall

Skyfall training is all about mirroring your opponents movement to improve strafe aiming. Mirror the movement of the bottle and shoot it down as fast as possible.

  • Eagle’s nest High ground

It is similar to the eagle nest ground training. The only difference is that the moving bottle is placed is high in space. Now, you have to shoot down the bottle from the ground.

  • Sphere track

This training is pretty useful to improve your target tracking skills. The goal is simple, you just have to track the moving sphere for a minute to improve your tracking accuracy.

2. Become a Pro mode


This mode focuses on all four techniques which are flicking, clicking, tracking, and target switching. A player must master these techniques to dominate their opponents in FPS games.

Each of these technologies has a designated training routine and the difficulty ranges from Basic to Advance. The difficult modes are further divided into academy levels. You can set the difficulty according to your gaming skills. If you are a beginner I recommend starting with the basic level. Finish all the academy levels of the basic category and move on to the intermediate and advanced categories.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into the techniques.


Flicking is the art of anticipating your opponent’s movement and slightly moving your hand to shoot the player. The aim of flicking is to land the shot a few inches from the crosshairs. The 3D aim trainer offers Micro, Macro, burst, and reflex training sessions to master your flicking shots. You also get the option to switch between speed and accuracy while playing the academy levels.

Clicking :

Clicking is the most basic skill in FPS games. To improve your aim this aim trainer offers to train specific movements like crosshair movement, click timing, track clicking, and target prioritizing. You also get the option to train your reaction time, Increase your efficiency, and many more while playing the academy levels.


It refers to tracking your enemy’s movements with your crosshair. You wait for the right time to kill your opponent until you get a perfectly clean shot. Such skill requires precision and speed. The 3D aim trainer offers training sessions like Horizontal, Low ground, X/Y tracking, and Smoothness to mast your tracking aim. You also get the option to train your speed and precision while playing the academy levels.


Target switch is useful when you have to tackle many enemies. If a person masters target switching, he can do triple or even Penta kills in a single session. Like the tracking technique, the 3D aim trainer offers pressure, reading modes, etc. to practice target switching. It is one of the most difficult techniques to master. So do practice it daily.

3. Multiplayer Mode

  • Play Online with other players

The 3D aim trainer also has a multiplayer mode. You can directly play online with other players and test your gaming skills.

  • Play with friends

You can join a private game or even create one. This gives you the option to invite your friends in case you want a friendly competition.

Why choose a 3D Aim trainer for Aim practice?


User-friendly dashboard

Once you sign up for the 3D Aim trainer. You will get access to your dashboard assessment. The dashboard displays all your training stats and mouse sensitivity settings for specific FPS games. You can compare your performance and focus more on techniques that need improvement.

Increased efficiency

3D aim trainer focuses on building your muscle memory reaction and improving aim reflexes. The short training sessions help in increasing the efficiency of the players. It ultimately speeds up their reaction time.

Status tracker

A wise man once said you can’t perfect what you can’t measure. The same goes for most training games that do not track your progress. But that’s not the case with the 3D aim trainer. It tracks your progress and gives detailed feedback on your training session. This helps in figuring out the weak areas where your aim needs improvement. Work on those areas and you would be invincible.

Specific skill training

The 3D aim trainer has dedicated training courses for flicking, tracking, target switching, and strafe aiming. These training courses are designed specifically for the players to master their aim in different scenarios. Once the player becomes specialized in a skill like flicking, he then moves on to perfect the next skill i.e. tracking.

Time Savvy

You can save a lot of time by using this aim trainer for aim practice. Pro players spend 14 hours a day in training trying to perfect their aim. You can achieve the same results with this aim trainer by practicing for a few hours daily.

Downloading the 3D Aim Trainer

You can either download the 3D aim trainer from the official website or Steam. Both are safe, secure, and free from any malware.

Follow the steps below to download the aim trainer :

  • Step 2: Click on the Download button displayed on the menu bar.
  • Step 3: After clicking, you will get the option to choose from Steam, Android, or the IOS app.
  • Step 4: Once you click on steam, you will be redirected to steam. But, don’t worry it’s completely safe.
  • Step 5: You can now download your aim trainer from steam.


Q1. How do I change my aim on the 3D trainer?

Ans: You can’t change your aim on the aim trainer. But you can use it to improve your aim drastically. It offers many training courses that can be utilized for an aim practice.

Q2. Where can I download aim trainers?

Ans: The aim trainers can be easily downloaded by using steam. You can also download the 3D aim trainer from their official website.

Q3. Is Aim Lab or Kovaaks better?

Ans: Both the trainers are good. But, Aim lab offers some extra features that you can use for aim practice.

Q4. How do I practice FPS games?

Ans: You can easily practice FPS games by using the 3D Aim trainer. It offers customized training sessions for FPS games like CS: GO, Valmont, Apex legends, etc.

Q5. How can I improve my aim?

Ans: You can improve your aim with the 3D aim trainer. It can improve your  Clicking, flicking, and tracking skills. But you have to practice daily to master these techniques.

Final Thoughts

Aim trainers are a great way to improve your aim. It doesn’t matter if you are a noob or a professional gamer. The 3D aim trainer has different difficulty levels for each player. 

You can use it to master your aim through various aim practice training courses. The quick play training levels offer the players a fun way to practice their aim. Do give the zombie survival level a try in case you get bored from other training levels.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and practice your aim with the 3D aim trainer.

Sanjay Gill
Sanjay Gill

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