Aim Training Guide for FPS Gaming

Aiming is a skill and not everyone is born with it. But, aim training will definitely help you in polishing this skill.

Now you must be thinking about what is aim training and how will it improve my aim?

Don’t worry. At the end of this article, I will be able to answer your question. So read along.

What is Aim Training?


It refers to training your aim for virtual gaming to get a clean hit on your opponent. All FPS games require a good aim to dominate the competition and that’s where aim training exercises pop up. Every training map have only one goal i.e. to perfect your aim.

There are two components of aiming :

  • How to keep track of your target using a mouse?
  • What is the right time to shoot a target by clicking and securing a kill?

An aim trainer focuses on all these components. These are the basic skills that you need to master during the training. We will discuss them in detail, but for now, let’s just keep them in mind.

Why you should improve your aim?

If you need to win at FPS games, you need to improve your aim. It’s as simple as that. You need to build a muscle memory reflex for that.

Have you ever played apex legends or other games like Valorant?

Imagine going for a headshot in those games and making the most out of a situation. You would like that, won’t you?

But that would only happen if you train regularly. I am not talking about just hitting still targets. I am talking about learning to strafe aiming, flicking, and tracking your enemies.

A beginner can will aim to hit slow targets or a still target. But a pro should be prepared for any situation. Training in different gaming maps will enhance your gaming sense. But, the aim trainer will focus specifically on enhancing your reaction and response time while facing other players.

You should not fumble while facing a horde of enemies or hitting a moving target. You should be able to hit enemies in any given environment and that is what this training prepares you for.

Components of Aim Training


Clicking simply means hitting the mouse button to shoot an enemy. It is the most basic skill training. It aims at improving your reaction time.


Flicking is the art of slightly moving your hand to shoot the target. You need precision and speed to perform flick shots.


As the name suggests, tracking refers to following your enemy’s movement and finding the right time to perform a kill. You have to be your opponent’s shadow and wait for the opportunity to shoot.


Switching comes in handy while facing a horde of enemies at once. You have to move your crosshair constantly to different targets in order to secure multiple kills. Some people are naturally gifted, while others have to master this art.

Benefits of Aim Training

Benefits of Aim Training

Muscle memory reflex

It will definitely increase your reaction time. Every pro-gamer practices for hours to build a muscle memory reflex. By regularly training, you will be able to react to intense situations more quickly. A muscle memory reaction is like an involuntary movement. you will develop a game sense and will automatically get better at shooting in FPS games.

Effective in-game training

Simulation exercises are a great way to practice your aim. Several aim trainers offer a virtual environment that is similar to an actual combat game. Such training is very effective for FPS players. Games like CALL OF DUTY and BLACK OPS 2 offer in-game training to boost your skills. The best part? You don’t have to worry about your game ranking as it is a virtual simulation

Quick and efficient analysis

Training can help you become more efficient in different aspects. Through an aim trainer, you can practice under different training conditions. It can help you analyze the gaming scenarios in a better way. You would be able to make the most out of a dead-end situation.

For eg –  When facing a horde of enemies you will be able to process information much faster through cortical efficiency and tackle the enemies in a much better way.

Mouse sensitivity and Acceleration

Mouse sensitivity

Mouse sensitivity is a crucial setting when it comes to FPS gaming. However, let me get your facts straight. There is no such thing as a perfect mouse sensitivity setting. It is all about trying different settings and seeing which feels more natural to the player.

Let’s break another myth about high DPI. Some people say that keeping the mouse sensitivity at a higher DPI will result in a better aiming experience. But, that’s not the case. Setting a high DPI setting will increase the mouse sensitivity and an even slight move will cause a very high cursor movement.

Ideally, your mouse sensitivity can range from 400 DPI to 3600 DPI depending on the FPS game. But it depends on the player and the gameplay.

For example: Start by setting your DPI to 600 DPI and test it on your favorite FPS game. Once you get familiar with the movement. Try switching things up by increasing or decreasing the DPI setting.

My general recommendation is to play a game with a 400 – 800 DPI and then adjust it later. Monitors can also play a huge role in the DPI setting. In case you have a large resolution monitor, keep the DPI at least 1000 for better mouse sensitivity.

Please Note –  Don’t change your DPI settings too often. This will interfere with your muscle memory connection. You will end up with a poor performance in all FPS games. Try out a DPI setting by playing a few games and then decide if you want to change it or not.

Mouse acceleration

Mouse acceleration generally results in inaccuracy and imperfection. It is recommended to turn off your mouse acceleration to play FPS games. Several professional players build a muscle memory connection through months of practicing on an aim trainer. But, mouse acceleration affects the muscle memory reflex of gamers. The way you move your mouse will affect your motion.

Posture and ergonomics

Your gaming posture says a lot about your chances of winning the game. A bad posture can result in back pain and muscle cramps. The way you hold your mouse while playing also matters a lot. Claw, palm, and fingertip grips are most commonly discussed in the gaming world. First-person shooters generally prefer the claw grip. but, there is no such thing as a right grip. Just use the grip in which you are most comfortable for increasing efficiency. Sometimes the muscles get sore due to long hours of sitting. In such a case, it is advisable to move around a bit and stretch your muscles.

Don’t slouch, as it can cause back pains that will ultimately affect your gaming performance. You can also use an ergonomic gaming chair for great lumbar support.

Aim training peripherals

You might polish some skills through aim training. But, all that practice will go in vain if you don’t have the right training gears.

The right mouse

Get a gaming mouse: Buying a good mouse is always a great investment. Choose a gaming mouse as it won’t cost you much more than a regular mouse, but it will definitely enhance your gameplay.

Look for weight:  Look for a lightweight mouse. They are easy to move around. The more precise your movement, the more accurately you will aim.

Wireless mouse is the real deal: A wireless mouse is a great bet to improve your precision and accuracy. You won’t have to face the issue of wire tangling during long hours of practicing. But, do note that wireless mouses have a bit of a lag than a wired mouse. So choose wisely.

Size and Hand grip:  While choosing a mouse, look for a small and compact device that can be easy to grip. Try various grips like the Claw grip, Palm grip, and Fingertip grip before making a selection.

The comfy mouse pad

Surface: Look for a mouse that provides a cushioned surface for resting your hand. You should be able to glide your mouse easily without causing any wear and tear to your device.

Size:  Size is a critical factor when choosing a trackpad. For a better aim, choose a large trackpad that can allow large mouse movements while practicing your aim.

Thickness and edges: Choose a slim mouse pad, generally (2 – 2.5mm thick). Slim pads provide a very solid feel and are very portable.

Gaming Sleeves

Getting the right pair of gaming sleeves is an important factor. An FPS player will look for a sleeve that do not cause irritation to the skin. Go for gaming compression sleeves that do not absorb moisture and improve blood circulation through compression.


Choosing the right monitor is always a hassle for FPS games. Get a monitor with a big screen size and a good refresh rate. Set the brightness, display, and other setting according to the gameplay. Make sure to test the game in different screen resolutions to check which one is more comfortable.

How to select the right Aim Trainer?

Almost all aim trainers offer a similar user experience with just a few different customization options. They are specifically designed to focus on accuracy, precision, and reaction time to perfect your aim. You can choose any aim trainer for boosting your FPS skills. However, if you want in-depth knowledge then do check out the best aim trainers for FPS gaming.

Listed below are some of the aim trainers that are tried and tested by gamers.

Practicing is the key

Just downloading an aim trainer won’t get you anywhere. You will have to train regularly for achieving a perfect kill shot. Practice every day for about 15 -45 minutes. Doing regular training will build up muscle memory reflex. Developing a muscle memory reaction for aiming depends on an individual’s training routine. The more you train, the better will be your aiming skill. You don’t believe me? Then check out this guide on the training schedule for aim training.

Aim training Communities

Most aim trainers have a dedicated community where gamers like to discuss everything about aiming. You can get advice from experienced FPS players like S1mple who have dedicated their lives to FPS games. They can tell you a lot about how to improve your aim or what are the tips and tricks to aiming. Discord and Disqus are a great way to find such gaming communities.


Q1. How can I train my aim?

Ans: Train your aim by using an Aim trainer. They offer different training courses for improving clicking, tracking, flicking, and strafe aiming techniques. Get yourself an aim trainer for training your aim and building a muscle memory reflex.

Q2. What is the best aim trainer?

Ans: OG aim trainer is the best aim trainer that offers various shooting drills to improve your aim. You can practice your aim in training modes like tracking, Doubleshot, moving target, and custom challenges. It even offers customized settings like crosshair, target speed, and spawn time. This trainer offers a creative map that engages the user.

Q3. How long should I train my aim for?

Ans: Aim training is related to science. According to scientific studies you can train for 15 to 45 minutes. You can optimize your aim with the grind schedule or the recovery schedule.

Q4. Do AIM trainers make you worse?

Ans: No, aim trainers don’t make you worse. In fact, they can do miracles to your aim. By regularly training you can easily dominate your competition in FPS games. They also come with certain new features that makes training fun.

The Bottom Line

If you just play FPS games for fun and don’t like to compete much then you can skip aim training. However, I like to dominate my competition. So, if you think like I do, then you should definitely train in the aim training map to boost your aiming skills. Do get the right gears for enhancing yo productivity. Invest in a good mouse and mouse pad.

Train regularly to improve muscle reflex. But, do keep in mind that health comes first. So don’t slouch while doing aim training routines and do stretching if sitting for long hours.

So what are you waiting for? Go and kill your competition.

Sanjay Gill
Sanjay Gill

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