CSGO Stats and Facts 2023

CS: GO was released almost 11 years ago and is still played by millions of players worldwide. It is one of the world’s biggest eSports games, if not the biggest, and you won’t be able to find any gamer who hasn’t heard of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

If you are interested in knowing more about this game, you are at the right place because, In this article, we will be listing some mind-blowing stats and facts about this game. So prepare yourself to be amazed.     

What Is the Total Number of Unique Players in CS: Go?

Since CS: GO was released, it constantly gained a large number of unique players. This game received its highest number of unique players in March 2019, as 20 million Unique players were reported that month.

In July 2020, 25 million players were recorded. But in May 2021, all previous records were broken as the game gained 27 million unique players.

Source: cometoplay.co.uk

How Many Monthly Active Players Does CS: Go Have?

In 2014 CS: GO only had 2.2 million monthly active players, but the player base grew massively after that year. In August 2019, 17.22 million active players were recorded in CS: GO.

In February 2020, CS: GO had 24 million active users. The monthly active players dropped to 20.3 million in November 2021. In 2022, CS: Go is estimated to have 26.9 million monthly active users.

Source: cometoplay.co.uk, levvvel.com

What Is the Popularity of CS: Go In Different Genders?

It is no surprise that CS: GO is dominated by men, as 78% of the total active users are men. Only 20% of the CS: GO user base consists of females, which might seem small compared to the number of men but still comprises a huge player base.

Source: levvvel.com

What Is the highest number of concurrent players that CS:GO has recorded in a month?

CS:GO is very popular and it recorded the highest peak in 1.3 million concurrent users on April 2020

In April 2022, the game took a minor hit and recorded 1.01 million concurrent users for that month.

Source: Statista.com

Is CS:GO popular on Twitch ?

As of Feb 2022, CS:GO is the 4th most popular game on Twitch worldwide with 21.43 billion all time views.

Source: Statista.com

How many people watch CS:GO on twitch worldwide ?

Time PeriodAverage Views (in millions)
Jan 201993.47
Mar 201937.77
May 201935.52
July 201936.02
Sept 201998.26
Nov 201937.68
Jan 202045.52
Mar 202089.99
May 2020103.44
July 202056.42
Sept 202074.37
Nov 202084.53
Jan 202181.91
Mar 202197.2
May 2021102
July 202178.7
Sept 202185.4
Nov 2021111
Jan 202253.9
Feb 2022100
Mar 202275.3
Apr 202281.8

Source: Statista.com

How much does professional eSports players earn from CS:GO ?

CS:GO is played worldwide by all professional eSports players. As of Feb 2022, CS:GO is dominated by dupreeh (Peter Rasmussen) with an overall earning of $1.94 million. Xyp9x comes in the second position with $1.93 million. Then we have the renowned esports player dev1ce (Nicolai Reedtz) with an overall earning of $1.92 million from CS:GO alone.

Source: Statista.com

In Which Countries CS: Go Is More Popular?

Russia has the largest number of CS: GO players, comprising about 11.65% of the total player base. United States comes second with 10.66%, followed by Poland, contributing 5.32% of total CS: Go users. In the fourth position, we have Brazil with 4.87%. Lastly, there is Germany with 4.55% of the player base.

The reason why these countries are at the top is that the population of these countries is extremely high. If we calculate the number of CS: Go players in every 1 million population, these countries won’t even make it to the top 5. 

According to the number of players per million population, Denmark comes first with 78,892 players. Estonia follows Denmark with a minimal difference as it has 77,260 players per million population. Then we have Finland with 76,873 players. On the fourth number, there is Latvia, with 58,537 players. Lithuania comes fifth with 55,374 players.

Source: levvvel.com

What Awards Has CS: Go Won Till Now?

CS: GO hasn’t won any awards in big award ceremonies until now but has won a few minor awards like steam awards. However, CS: GO did get nominated for some big awards that are listed below:

  • Nominated twice at the BFTA in 2016 and 2017 for its eSports audience
  • Nominated three times for Best eSports at the Game Awards in 2017, 2019, and 2020
  • NAVGTR nominated CS: GO twice for Best Game in eSports in 2016 and 2018
  • CS:GO has now been nominated for the eSports Game of the Year for 2022

Source: levvvel.com, sportskeeda.com

What Are the Stats of CS: Go In Cumulative Prize Pool Tournaments?

CS: GO has the largest cumulative tournament prize pool, estimated to be nearly $21.17 million. Pubg comes in the second position with a prize pool of $17.68 million which was gained in the first six months of 2021. Then we have Arena of Valor with a cumulative prize pool of $14.4 million.

Source: cometoplay.co.uk, explodingtopics.com

What Is the Win Percentage of Counter-Terrorist for Different Maps?

In most maps of CS: Go, Counter-Terrorists have an Upper hand in the win rate. Let’s check out those win rate stats in different maps:

  • In the Mirage map, Counter-Terrorists have a win rate of 52.4%, which leaves Terrorists with 47.6%.
  • Cache and Dust2 are the maps in which Conter-Terrorists have a win rate of 50.7%, and Terrorists have a 53.8% win rate.
  • Inferno has a 55.5% win rate for Counter-Terrorists, while Terrorists have a 44.5% win rate.

Source: cometoplay.co.uk

How Many Players Watch Streams and Tournaments on CS: Go?

49% of the players on CS: GO don’t watch its stream and tournaments. 28% of players play CS: GO and also watch its stream and tournaments. The rest, 23%, don’t play CS: GO but love to watch its streaming and tournaments.

Source: levvvel.com


Q. What is the rating of CS: GO on different platforms?

Ans: CS: GO got a 9/10 score on steam and a 10/10 score on digital trends.

Q. What percentage of people liked CS: GO?

Ans: 93% of Google users liked CS: GO.

Q. When was CS: GO released?

Ans: The initial release date for CS: GO was August 21, 2012.

Q. Who is the publisher of CS: GO?

Ans: CS: GO was published by Valve Corporation.

Q. What is the annual revenue of CS: GO?

Ans: According to the last update in 2018, the annual revenue of CS: GO was 414 million.

Q. Who are the top 3 players of CS: GO?

Ans: The top 3 players of CS:GO are:

  • Oleksandr Olehovych Kostyliev
  • Nicolai Hvilshøj Reedtz
  • Robin Kool

Q. What is the most popular map in CS: GO?

Ans: Mirage is the most popular map in CS: GO as it’s almost every player’s favorite.

Q. What is the Rank of CS: GO on Steam and Twitch?

Ans: CS: GO ranks #1 on Steam and #13 on Twitch.

Q. How many players get banned in CS: GO?

Ans: Around 1 million players of CS: GO got banned once in the game.

Q. What devices is CS: GO available on?

Ans: CS: GO is available on multiple platforms such as:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Playstation 3
  • Xbox 360

Q. In which age group CS: GO is more popular?

Ans: CS: GO is more popular in the age group of 19-34 years as they represent 50% of the player base.

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