CPS Test | Improve Your Clicks Per Second

What is the CPS Test?

The CPS Test is a free game that measures your clicks per second. The test is simple – over a given time period, you must click the mouse button as fast as you can. Your CPS (clicks per second) will be calculated and displayed at the end of the test, giving you a good indication of your mouse clicking speed.

Features of Click speed test

Listed below are the features of our clicking test:

Dark mode: 

Whenever it comes to gaming the dark mode feature is a must. This feature is useful if you want to take the test in low lighting or if you are a fan of dark themes just like me.


Our CPS Tester is designed to be mobile-friendly, so you can take the test on your phone or tablet. It is compatible with all mobile devices and web browsers as well.

Accurate results: 

Our test uses a verified algorithm to calculate your CPS score. So rest assured, you will get accurate results without a doubt.


You can play the cps test game free of cost. We don’t charge a single penny from our users.  Just visit our website and keep taking the test until your get tired.

Full-screen feature :

Most gamers like to play games in full-screen mode. Keeping that in mind we have designed our cps counter on the same grounds. Just click on the full-screen mode and take the test without any pop-ups or interruptions.

CPS rate

It is an indicator of a person’s clicking speed. It shows the rate at which a person can make multiple clicks in a given time frame.

Importance of Cps Rate

CPS is important because it is a good measure of your click speed score and reflexes for FPS games. If you have a high CPS, it means that you can click the mouse button very quickly and accurately. If you are a Minecraft player then you must know how important it is to have a good clicking speed.

How can I take the CPS Test?

Our test is very easy to take. Simply follow the instructions given below :

Step 1: Navigate to the clicking pad area of the Clicker counter.  

Step 2: Modify your time interval to put your clicking speed to the test. Usually a “5 seconds test” is good enough for a quick check. However, feel free to customize the time interval according to your choice.

Step 3: After selecting the time interval. Press the “Click to start” button displayed in green to start the test.

Step 4: Now the exciting part starts, Grab your mouse and perform a click with your full speed. You can use the Butterfly clicking technique for a good score

Step 5: Your final score will be displayed at the end of the test. You can take the test unlimited time. Just keep pushing your limits to develop a muscle memory reflex for a better score next time.

Pro Tip – Try using a gaming mouse for faster mouse clicks.

How to take CPS Test like a pro?

Here are some tips on how to take CPS Test like a pro:

1. Opt For a lightweight mouse: 

A lightweight mouse is easier to move for making rapid clicks. Mostly all gaming mice are lightweight. You can also opt for an optical mouse according to your choice and preference.

2. Use different clicking techniques: 

There are various clicking techniques like Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking,  Drag Clicking, etc. that can help you click faster. Find a technique that is comfortable for you and practice it before taking the test

3. Practice regularly: 

 CPS Tests can be tricky, and the only way to get better at them is by practice. Try taking the test multiple times with different techniques to see how you can improve your CPS score.

How is my CPS Score calculated?

CPS Test uses the faster mouse clicker algorithm to calculate your CPS score. The CPS score is calculated by taking the total number of clicks divided by the time taken to perform those clicks. For example, if you click the mouse button 100 times in 10 seconds, your CPS score would be 10 CPS.  So rest assured you will get an accurate result.


Q1. What is your CPS test?

Ans: Your CPS test is an online browser test for checking your clicking speed in a given time frame. You can check your number of clicks per second with this clicker test.

Q2. What is the highest cps in 1 second?

Ans: We made a team of beta testers to organize a CPS tournament and the average CPS score was 7.2. However, according to google, the highest score is 14.1 CPS

Q3. What is the highest CPS ever in 5 seconds?

Ans: Jordan Hum holds the world record holder for the highest CPS score in 5 seconds. He made 70 clicks in 5 seconds and achieved a score of 14 CPS.

Q4. What is a decent CPS score?

Ans:  Anything between 7-11 CPS is considered a decent CPS score. 

Q5. Is 6 cps enough for PvP?

Ans: 6 CPS is considered to be an average score for Minecraft PvP. However, a score of 8-10 CPS is good enough for PvP combat. You can also take the kohi click test if you want to get higher cps in Minecraft PvP.

The Bottom Line

CPS test is the best when it comes to measuring and improving your clicking speed. If you have ever tried the cookie clicker game,  then you will know why is it important to improve your CPS speed.

With all of the features this game offers, it’s hard not to recommend it to gamers. It is free, easy to navigate, and pretty engaging. If you want to challenge your friends to beat your cps test records or just have some fun, then we definitely suggest you to give this a try. Who knows? You may be able to beat the world record!

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