Keyboard Tester | Free Online Keyboard Test

A lot of gamers don’t think about their keyboard until it’s too late, and they wind up with a key that doesn’t work or one that’s sticking. That can ruin your gaming experience.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to test your keys by taking our test.

What is a Keyboard Tester?

A keyboard tester is simply a tool to check if all the keys on your keyboard are working properly or not. You can use this tool to check the keyboard of any laptop or computer.

Features of our Keyboard Tester

Listed below are some of the features of our test :

Easy to use

All you need is a computer with an internet connection to take our test. Our tool has a user-friendly interface that makes taking the test very accessible to the users.


Our tool gives you the functionality to test all your keyboard keys for free. Yes, that’s right. We do not charge a single penny for our test.

Accuracy and Compatibility

Our test is designed by taking all keyboards into consideration. It doesn’t matter which operating system you have, it is compatible with Apple keyboards, Windows keyboards, Wireless keyboards, and Gaming Keyboards. You will be able to test each key accurately without any hassle.


We hired a beta tester to validate our online keyboard tester. The beta tester confirmed that our tool has a very fast response time and it took him only 30 seconds to check all the computer keyboard keys effectively. Therefore, rest assured our tool is pretty fast and is very responsive.


Our keyboard testing tool covers all the keys on your keyboard be it the “Cmd” function of the macbook or the “Esc” button of your windows keyboard. Therefore, you can test all keys and be sure that everything is working properly. In case. you want to check the trackpad of your laptop then give the scroll test a try.

Now that you know all about the keyboard testing, there’s no excuse not to take the test! Simply go and start testing your keys.

How can I test if my keyboard keys are working?

 You can easily check your keyboard key through our virtual keyboard

Follow the steps below to test your keyboard keys :

Step 1: Just click here and you will be redirected to our virtual keyboard.

Step 2: Press any key on your keyboard that you want to check.

Step 3: If the key on our virtual keyboard turns green, then your keyboard key is working perfectly. otherwise, it’s time to call your nearest computer repair store.

Repeat the process until you have tested out all the keys of your keyboard.

Why should I take the Keyboard Test?

By taking the keyboard test, you can be sure that all your keys are working properly. This way, you can avoid any gaming disasters that can occur due to a faulty key while playing keyboard games.

Our test supports the generic english keyboard layout and the new keyboard layout of macbook as well. You can easily check frequently used keys like caps lock, num lock and the Enter key using our tool.

What to do if my keyboard keys are not working?

If you find that any of your keys are not working properly, then there are a few things you can do to fix them.

1. Clean your keyboard

If your key isn’t working properly, there could be dirt or debris interfering with it. Simply try cleaning your keyboard keys. You can use a vacuum to remove the dirt from the keys.

2. Check the connection

Make sure that your keyboard is properly connect to your computer. Sometimes a loose cable port can also result in a poor connection. Check the ports and look for any wire cuts that can cause the problem.

3. Replace the Keycap

If cleaning and checking the connection don’t work, then you should replace the key cap. This is the part of the key that you press down on. You can usually find replacement key caps at your local electronics store.

4. Call a professional

If you’ve tried all of the above and your keys still aren’t working, then you may need to call a professional. They can help you figure out what’s wrong and get your keyboard working again.

5. Restart your computer

If your keyboard keys are still not working, then you may need to restart your computer. This will reset the connection between your keyboard and computer. It will automatically resolve any minor software glitches that may be causing the problem.


Q1. How do I check the keyboard for errors?

Ans: You can take out keyboard test online to check for errors on your keyboard. Just click here to start testing the keys on your keyboard.

Q2. How many keys can you press on a keyboard at once test?

Ans: You can press any number of keys on your keyboard at once. However, due to a  keyboard rollover feature only 6 keys can be registered at once by a keyboard.

Q3. How do I test F2 key?

Ans: You can easily check your F2 key through our test. Simply press your F2 key and observe if our virtual keyboard key turns green or not. If it turns green, then your F2 key is working properly. Otherwise, you should try replacing the key cap.

Q4. What is F1 to F12?

Ans: The F1 to F12 keys are called function keys. They are used to perform various functions on your computer. They are also called shortcut keys that are used to perform tasks quickly like refreshing the computer or increasing brightness.

Q5. How do I test function keys?

Ans: You can use our online keyboard testing service to test your function keys. Try pressing any function key on your keyboard and observe if our virtual keyboard key turns green. If it does then they are working properly.

Q6. What is F7 for?

Ans: The F7 key is typically used for spell check and grammar check in Microsoft Word. However, the F7 key can have a different use case for other software. You can use our tool to test your keyboard online.

Q7. What does F8 do?

Ans: The F8 key is commonly used to enter Safe Mode in Windows. You can access the windows recovery system through the F8 key. However, the F8 key might not perform the same function in all laptops or computers.

The Bottom Line

Our virtual keyboard is a safe, accurate, and free-to-use tool that comes with a user-friendly interface.

Simply follow the instructions to test your keyboard keys and check if all your keys are working or not. This tool can be especially useful if you’re experiencing problems with specific keys on your keyboard. You can use it to test each key on your keyboard and determine whether there is an issue with that key or not.

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