Kohi Click Test | Test Your CPS For Minecraft

What is the Kohi Click Test?

This test is a quick and easy way to determine how many clicks you can produce in one second with your mouse.

It is a type of mouse-clicking technique used for gaming. This skill will come in handy when you play Minecraft. It allows players to manually score more points instead of cheats that might ban your account afterward. It is a great way to improve your clicking speed and accuracy.

There are click test world records. But, they are constantly being broken by faster and more accurate players. Players who complete this test with a good score are considered to be among the best Minecraft players in the world.

How do I take the Kohi Click Test?

To take the Kohi Clicker test, simply follow the instructions for the clicking process:

  • Step 1: Simply click here and you will be redirected to our Clicking pad area 
  • Step 2: Select your preferred time interval to test your clicking speed. We recommend using the “5 seconds test” for a quick and efficient check. However, feel free to choose your custom time interval.
  • Step 3: Once you have selected the time interval. Jump the “Click to start” button to initiate your CPS Test.
  • Step 4: Click as fast as possible to get a high CPS score and have fun.
  • Step 5: You will get your scores at the end of the test. Just keep practicing with the kohi speed test to get better scores with time.

How did Kohi click test got its name?

The test is named after a Minecraft server called ‘Kohi’ which has been attracting gamers for years. This particular gaming server specializes in providing its users with the best multiplayer experience possible. It does not have any kind of Pay-to-Win mechanisms or unnecessary features like Survival Games that would take away the traditional gameplay approaches

Why is Kohi Click Test Popular?

Kohi’s popularity surged in recent years due to the release of Minecraft 1.8, which completely changed the way the game was played and paved the way for servers like Kohi to become some of the most popular places to play on the internet.

Is Clicking Speed Important?

If you want to be a better Minecraft player, you need to have a good kohi click speed. CPS or Clicks per Second is important for PvP (player vs player) because if you click faster than your opponent, you will be able to strike first.

For example, You are playing against a player with a CPS of 4, while yours is 14. You will most likely win this match. In this situation, you would have the upper hand because of your high click speed which can defeat them easily before they defeated You.

How to improve your Kohi Click Test score?

Here are some tips to help you improve your clicking test score:

1. Use a lightweight mouse: A lighter mouse will be easier to move around and will require less effort to click.

2. Use a high DPI setting: A higher DPI setting will make your cursor move faster, making it easier to click multiple times in quick succession. You will need a gaming mouse tweak these settings.

3. Use a mouse with a high response time: A high response time will make your clicks register faster, giving you a slight advantage over a normal mouse.

4. Use a gaming mouse: Gaming mice are designed for fast clicking and are typically more comfortable to use for extended periods. They are best for professional gamers who want to improve their gaming skills.

5. Practice regularly: The more you practice, the better you will become at Kohi clicking. Try to take the Kohi clicking test using your index finger for improving your clicking skills.

With a good Kohi click speed, you can increase your efficiency and playing abilities in Minecraft. A minecraft gamer knows that CPS or Clicks per Second is a crucial factor in the determining the PvP winner.

Benefits of Kohi Clicker Test

Safer than Jittering

It is a safer and healthier way to click than Jittering or Drag Clicking. Jitter Clicking can cause pain in your hand as well as wrist. If you do this for an extended time, it may also lead to Arthritis or Carpal tunnel syndrome!

Develops muscle memory for clicking games

This test also helps develop muscle memory, since you need to position your hand in the same spot every time to double click. After a while, it will become second nature and you won’t even have to think about it!


This click speed test is the fastest way to improve your CPS score. It’s perfect for games like Minecraft where regular clicking is required.


Q1. Is 12 CPS Fast?

Ans: Yes, players with a score of 12 CPS or above are considered the best Minecraft players in the world. Hence, for the Kohi click test, a score of 12 CPS is fast.

Q2. What does it mean to Kohi Click?

Ans: Kohi clicking is a method of clicking the mouse button rapidly, typically used in games such as Minecraft. Kohi clickers try to click as fast as possible for a better CPS score. It is better then other clicking methods.

Q3. What is the world record for Kohi CPS?

Ans: The World record for most clicks is 1,051 clicks in 10 seconds. This record was set by Dylan Allred using a gaming mouse.

The Bottom Line

The Kohli click test is a great way to measure your clicking speed and determine if there are any areas you need to work on. You can easily improve your Kohi CPS test score by using the right equipment and practicing regularly.

Most players take this test to get more clicks in brawl games. Therefore, if you are a gamer, you too can improve your mouse-clicking speed by taking the kohi test.

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