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If you are an avid gamer who loves gaming as much as I do. Then you must be familiar with Minecraft. Launched in 2011, the game gained huge popularity and now has a separate fan base.

Anyone can play Minecraft from ages 8 and above. It has an ecosystem that is available on all the platforms including Mobile, Windows, Xbox 360, and Macbook.

You will often see a lot of Youtubers performing live streaming of Minecraft and using the in-built Minecraft auto clicker to win the game. Now a lot of you must be thinking what’s a Minecraft auto clicker and why you should get one?

Don’t worry. We will answer all your queries with this article

What is an Auto Clicker?

An Auto Clicker is a clicking software that helps in automating your mouse clicks. You can use it to repeatedly click a specified area on the screen for a specified period. 

Mostly, all high-tech gaming mouse have an in-built auto clicker function or a mouse button. However, if you don’t have a gaming mouse, you can just use an Auto clicker to emulate the mouse clicks.

Why do you need an Auto Clicker for Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game which means you have to set your own goals within the game. Similar to Roblox, it is click based game. You have to create, build, destroy and collect items in every mode based on your goals. By default, a left click in Minecraft is used to destroy buildings. Similarly, the right mouse button is used for building things like houses, chairs, etc. The game primarily runs on mouse clicks i.e. from picking up things to placing them on the ground, everything requires a mouse click.

Therefore, using a Minecraft auto clicker will come in handy when you are getting tired from manually clicking and want to increase your efficiency.

Does Minecraft have a built-in Auto Clicker?

Yes, Minecraft has a built-in auto clicking software. Doing constant mouse clicks is pretty tiring but if you skip it, you risk losing the game. Therefore, many players use the Minecraft auto clicker when they wish to automate their mouse clicks. The Minecraft auto clicker work without any lags.

Benefits of an in-built Minecraft Auto Clicker

  • Simple Interface – The in-built Minecraft auto clicker has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to understand. Anyone can master it with just a few days of practice.
  • 3rd party Application – The in-built Minecraft auto clicker lets you automate your mouse clicks independently without pushing you to install any 3rd party software tool.
  • Time-Saving – An in-built Minecraft auto clicker helps in saving a tremendous amount of time in Minecraft. You can set a time interval and number of mouse clicks according to your needs and preference.
  • Virus-free – Minecraft’s in-built auto clicker eliminates the risk of malware attacks as it does not require installing any 3rd party application from the web.
  • Undetectable sharing – The in-built Minecraft auto clicker is completely undetectable while sharing your screen. Therefore you can use the Minecraft auto clicker without having to worry about being detected by your fellow players.
Auto Clicker for Minecraft

What are the benefits of using 3rd party Auto Clicker in Minecraft Game?

There are various benefits of using an auto clicker for Minecraft. Some of these are listed below:

  • It is user-friendly and provides easy automation of mouse clicks.
  • They are compatible with all versions of the Minecraft game. So, you don’t have to worry about using multiple auto clickers for different versions of Minecraft.
  • Auto clickers are mostly free-to-use tools. They are not paid and can be used for endless gaming.
  • Auto clickers are not detectable while screen sharing. Therefore, don’t worry about getting caught in the Minecraft game.
  • Auto clickers provide record and playback functionality that helps the user to record their movements and mimic them.

What is the best Minecraft Auto Clicker?

There are many auto clickers in the market with great features. Most of the auto clickers have similar functionality with just a few key differences. 

I did my research and listed some of the best Minecraft auto clickers that will help you in making your selection process easier.

1. IO Auto Clicker

IO Auto clicker is the best auto clicker software that is available in the market. Use this auto clicker to emulate mouse clicks. Choose between single, double, and triple clicks according to your preference. It is a safe and secure tool that doesn’t kill your system.

IO Auto Clicker


  • Available on all platforms like Mac, Windows, and Android with the latest version.
  • Comes with a Repeat until stop feature. It is very handy for the Minecraft game as it offers unlimited clicks.
  • Use the dark mode feature to enhance your gaming experience
  • Use the Numbered click feature to save up to 10 clicks.

2. OP Auto Clicker

The OP auto clicker comes with a user-friendly interface that is very convenient to use. You can easily customize your hotkey to start and stop the software. The maximum number of clicks can also be defined according to the game usage.

OP Auto Clicker


  • Customize the time interval between clicks by setting a time limit.
  • Select mouse buttons and mouse clicks for different tasks
  • Offers single target and multi-target mode
  • Play and record click on different locations

3. OG Auto Clicker

OG Auto clicker is the best tool to automate your mouse clicks for windows.It has a classy interface and easy usability options. You can start the OG Auto clicker by pressing the (F6) hotkey and stop it using the default hotkey (F7).

OG Auto Clicker


  • Comes with a dark mode feature
  • Customize click intervals according to your gameplay
  • Ads and virus free tool
  • Choose between single and double click type

4. Speed Auto Clicker

In games like Minecraft, where everything depends on fast clicks. The Fast auto clicker offers Maximum clicks to its users. It is undetectable and you can automate mouse buttons according to your preference.

Speed Auto Clicker


  • It is the fastest auto clicker in the market.
  • Set preferred click rate for the auto clicker (eg 600 per second)
  • Choose between hold and toggle activation modes.
  • Free to use and undetectable

5. Auto key Clicker

The auto key clicker is the most compact and clean interface software that is available on the market. It comes with a limited set of features but, it is still an effective auto clicker. You can start and stop the auto clicker by clicking on the start and stop button or by using the hotkey (F3) and (F4)

Auto Key Clicker


  • Specified mouse clicks at regular intervals
  • Save setting for reuse
  • Virus-free

6. Easy Auto Clicker 

As the name suggests easy auto clicker is the easiest solution to all your clicking problems. You can customize the right click and left mouse clicks and even choose the time delays between the mouse clicks.No only that, but the easy auto clicker comes with a cool User interface too.

Easy Auto Clicker


  • Comes with an inbuilt testing program to test mouse clicks.
  • Choose and set hotkey according to your preference
  • Change click setting
  • Choose between Single click, and multi-click and repeat until stopped mouse clicks.

7. Max Auto Clicker

Max auto clicker is a free and safe-to-use auto clicker that can easily mirror your mouse clicks and help you get rid of tasks that require repeated mouse usage. It can easily be used for games like Minecraft as it is a trusted application.

Max Auto Clicker


  • It uses low CPU and RAM while running.
  • Suitable for playing games like Minecraft, Roblox, etc.
  • Easy to operate and function
  • Customize between left, middle, and right click according to your usage.


Q1. How do you turn on the Auto Clicker in Minecraft?

Ans: You can turn on the in-built auto clicker in Minecraft by following these steps:

  • Start by using the right mouse click
  • While pressing the right mouse click simultaneously hold the F3 and T button on the keyboard
  • This should turn on the inbuilt auto clicker in Minecraft
  • Alternatively, you can download Auto clicker for your PC.

Q2. Does Minecraft have an Auto Clicker?

Ans: Yes, Minecraft has an inbuilt auto clicker that can be used to automate mouse clicks.

Q3. What is the safest Auto Clicker for Minecraft?

Ans: IO Autoclicker is the safest and most reliable autoclicker for Minecraft. It is a legitimate application that is virus-free and automates mouse clicks.

Q4. Does the Auto Clicker cost money?

Ans: No, most auto clickers are free-to-use tools. Some of the best free auto clickers are IO, OP, and GS Auto Clicker.

Q5. How do I download an Auto Clicker?

Ans: Always download an auto clicker from an official website. You can easily download the IO Auto clicker for their official website i.e.

The bottom line

Auto clickers can greatly increase your gaming productivity when it comes to Minecraft or automating other mouse click tasks in different games. You can select any auto clicker that you like based on its features and functionality. In case you don’t want to use a 3rd party application. You can simply use the in-built auto clicker of Minecraft to enhance your gaming. It might not offer all the exclusive features that all the other Auto clickers are offering. However, it is safe and can be used to automate your mouse clicks.


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