How to build a house in Minecraft with wood and glass?

A house is very important to be built in Minecraft as it serves every small purpose. Whether it be storage or keeping a bed it is important for all of these.

A house can be built with any look you want and accordingly, you have to choose the resources you will use to make the house. So let’s take how to build a house in Minecraft.

Building a house takes time to be built and it is not an easy task. For making a house you need to collect the required resources that are needed for making the house. In this article, we will look at the steps to making a wooden house.

Items required:

You will need the following items to make a wooden house in Minecraft.

Wooden blocksTwo hundred

How to make a wooden house in Minecraft?

To make a wooden house in Minecraft you have to follow the steps stated below:

How to build a house in Minecraft
  • Step 1: First of all, you have to collect wood by chopping trees.
  • Step 2: When you have collected the wood required start building the walls of the house.
  • Step 3: When you have built all four walls of the house now decide the positions of the door and the windows.
  • Step 4: Now make the doors and the windows.
  • Step 5: Now make the roof of the house you can choose whatever design you want on the roof.
  • Step 6: When you are done making the roof design the light sources for the house.
  • Step 7: After you have designed all the necessities design some basic amenities you will need in the house.
  • Step 8: After designing the amenities the house is complete and it is ready to be used.

 Finding plants:

We will need a lot of wooden blocks so to collect them we need to hop off trees. Trees are generally situated in the plain biome. Trees are also found in forest biomes. Trees are abundant in the game and it won’t be a hard task to find trees in the game. You will spot trees anywhere in the Minecraft world.

Making sticks:

As we will need sticks to make torches we need make craft some sticks. For crafting sticks in the game just place the wooden planks on the crafting table in the following manner:

Mining sand:

Glass is made in the game using sand. Sand is smelted in the furnace and then the glass is crafted from it. Sand blocks are normally situated on the banks of rivers or just below the hills. If you don’t them in either place you can go to the desert biome to collect sand blocks.


Q1. How do you make a house in Minecraft step by step?

Ans. Firstly you should build the walls then add the windows and door and also build the roof. Then add some light sources and some basic amenities. 

Q2. How do you build a beginner house in Minecraft?

Ans. To make a beginner collect lots of wood and then start building the house. Follow the standard procedure used to build the house.

Q3. How do you build a good house in Minecraft?

Ans. For making a house good in Minecraft you should make it fireproof and most important it should be safe from the mobs.

Q4. How do you spawn a mansion in Minecraft education?

Ans. To spawn a mansion in Minecraft Education eagles the cheats that type /locate the mansion and the coordinates for the mansion will be displayed.

Q5. What seed in Minecraft has a mansion?

Ans. The woodland seed in Minecraft has a mansion in it and cheats can be used to locate the mansion. 


Building a house in Minecraft is very important in the game as you need to build storage facilities to keep your resources. You need a place to place your bed where mobs do not spawn. You need space to make a farm through which you can get your food. So for all of these purposes you need to build a house.

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