How to make a banner in Minecraft and decorate your house?

If we start counting what things we can do in Minecraft the counting will be endless. The game has been so interesting with so many features that it is as realistic as possible.

Banners can be designed for decorating your mansion and you can also use them for special purposes like making a signboard etc.

Wanna learn how to make a banner in Minecraft? just go through this article and you will learn all that you need to know about making banners.

Items required:

Wool Six

How to make a banner in Minecraft?

To make a banner in Minecraft follow the procedure stated below:

How to make a banner in Minecraft
  1. Once you have collected the wool and the stick place them on the crafting table in the following manner:
  1. Once the crafting is completed the banner will be in the resultant block and you take it into your inventory.
  2. Once you have got the banner craft a loom and grind for a dye.
  3. When the loom and the dye are ready place the banner on the loom menu and also place the die on it.
  1. Once you place the empty banner and the dye on the loom you will get pattern options you can choose from as shown above.
  2. When you select the design the banner will be in the resultant block and you take it into your inventory for using it.

Crafting shear in the game:

For obtaining wood from goats we will need a shear tool that we can use to get the wool. To make a shear we just need two iron ingots and when placed on the crafting table in the desired manner a shear will be crafted.

Chopping wood:

For making sticks in the game we need wood and for that, we need to chop trees. Trees can be mostly found in the plain biome or in the forest biome. Use an axe to chop the wood and a stick can be crafted with that wood.

Finding String in the game:


We need a string and wooden planks to make a loom in the game. To get a string we need to find a spider in the game and kill it and when it dies it will drop a string. Pick it up before it disappears.


Q1. How do you make banners?

Ans. For making a banner first you need to create an empty banner which you can design later and for that, you will need one stick and wool.

Q2. How do you give a banner a pattern in Minecraft?

Ans. For designing a banner you will need a loom and using that you can design the banner and also select the color of the dye.

Q3. How do I get a globe banner?

Ans. For crafting a globe banner you need to trade for a globe pattern with the master villager for emeralds.

Q4. How do you get banner patterns in survival?

Ans. You can trade for the banner patterns in Minecraft with the master villager and he will give you banner patterns in exchange for emeralds.

Q5. What is the thing banner in Minecraft?

Ans. Thing banners are just like normal banners and they can be used for decoration in the game.


Banners are a good option if you want a decorative piece in your Minecraft. Banners can be designed easily and they are very good decorative pieces. You can design the banner in the design you want and you can choose whatever you want on the banner. As the banner can be made custom it gives player the freedomto make it as he likes and make it attractive.

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