How to make a book and quill in Minecraft?

So the list won’t end up if you start counting up the features that Minecraft offers to its players and the team to make the gaming experience a  memorable one for everyone

You must be thinking about what features I am talking about. So today we are going to talk about the book and quill. 

So read along to know about how to make a book and quill in Minecraft and what are it’s uses.

Items needed for book and quill

You will need the following items listed below:

Ink SacOne

How to make a Book and Quill in Minecraft?

Now that you have all the ingredients, lets skip to the crafting process:

  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu of the game. It looks exactly like the image shown above
  • Step 2: Put the book, quill and feather at the top row of the crafting grid.
  • Step 3: The block on the right will display your book and quill after the crafting process.
  • Step 4: Take the book and quill to your inventory and use it as per your requirement.

Now, you know how a book and quill is crafted. However, what’s the use of know the process if you don’t have the required materials.

So let’s dig a little deeper as to how you can get a book, feather and ink sac for this process.

How to make a book in Minecraft?

Making a book in Minecraft is quite a time taking process and requires resources too. You can check out our detailed guide on making a book and listed below is the short version of the same.

  • 3 Papers
  • 1 leather
  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu and place 3 papers at the top grid of the crafting table.
  • Step 2: Put the leather at the center grid as shown above.
  • Step 3: Once the crafting process is initiated the book will be crafted at the red block in the right.
  • Step 4: Move it to you inventory and use it for crafting a book and quill.

How to get feathers in Minecraft?

Feathers are obtained by killing the chickens in the game. Chicken can be mostly found revolving on the land surfaces in the game.

To get a feather follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Find a chicken.
  • Step 2: Attack the chicken and try to kill it.
  • Step 3: When the chicken dies from the attack it will drop a raw chicken and a feather.

Voila, you now have feathers that you can easily use.

How to get Ink sac in Minecraft?

You must be thinking finding ink sacs in the game would be very difficult. Well, it isn’t the case you can easily get ink sacs from squids.

To get ink sac follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Locate a pond
  • Step 2: Find a squid swimming in the pond
  • Step 3: Kill the squid by using an enchanted bow or any other item.
  • Step 4: Collect ink sacs from the water as soon as the squid dies.


Q1. Can you write on paper in Minecraft?

Ans. Yes, you can write on paper in Minecraft by using a quill. The paper just acts like a book in Minecraft. However, you have to craft it.

Q2. How do you write a diary in Minecraft?

Ans. You can write a diary in Minecraft by right-clicking on the book and quill and the book menu will open where you can write the diary.

Q3. Can you make notes in Minecraft?

Ans. You can make a note block in Minecraft using 8 wooden planks and 1 Redstone dust and the note block will be crafted using the crafting table.

Q4. Do villagers sell paper?

Ans. Yes, villagers sell paper for a particular barter system and they demand some materials in exchange for the papers they give you.

Q5. What is the most useful villager?

Ans. The librarian is the best villager as it offers the best barters for every deal and the player can have good books from him.

The Bottom Line

Book and quill is a unique feature that Minecraft provides to its players. The players can write diaries using this feature and create memories in the game and save those with the book and quill. This is a unique concept and helps the game feel more real and the players can have a great experience while playing.

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