How to make a chest in Minecraft?

Got too much fuss for storage purposes and cannot decide how to clean the mess?

Don’t worry I have got the solution and a permanent one so that you do not face any problems in the game.

Just building a chest can solve all your storage problems. So let’s have a look at how to make a chest in Minecraft.

Items required:

You will need just oak planks for making a chest.

Oak planksEight

How to make a chest in Minecraft?

  • Step 1: Just collect the planks and open the crafting grid. It will look something like this.
  • Step 2: Place the oak plants exactly as shown above. Leave the middle block empty.
  • Step 3: Once the crafting is finished, the chest will appear in the resultant block marked in red.
  • Step 4: Now you have your chest. Just move it to your inventory and use it to store all your resources.

How to make wood planks in Minecraft?

Oak planks can be crafted in the game using the wooden blocks from the trees. So just look out for trees in your world generally trees are found in the forest or plain biome.

You will require a pickaxe to chop the trees and collect the wooden blocks. When you have the wood blocks place them on the crafting table in the following manner to craft planks.


You will have 4 wood planks after the crafting process is finished. Repeat the process again for crafting more oak planks for the chest.


Q1. How do you craft a large chest in Minecraft?

Ans. A large chest cannot be crafted in Minecraft instead you can make a large chest by placing two chests adjoining to each other.

Q2. How many planks does it take to craft a chest?

Ans. For crafting a chest in Minecraft you will require eight planks.

Q3. Can you connect a chest to a crafting table in Minecraft?

Ans. A chest can be connected to a crafting table but the crafting table can only take in items for crafting and the result of the crafting will go into the chest automatically.

Q4. How do you craft an ender chest?

Ans. For crafting an ender chest you will need eight obsidian blocks and one eye of ender and place them on the crafting table.

Q5. Can you break Ender’s chest with a silk touch axe?

Ans.  Yes, an ender chest can be broken with a silk touch and it can be taken back into the inventory.

The Bottom Line:

The chest trunk is a very useful tool in Minecraft as it can be used for the storage purpose in the game and the payers do not have to carry the stuff in their inventory and the crafting feature has made it possible to craft as many chests you want and with this, you can save all the resources you want to without any worries

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