How to make a map in Minecraft?

Too confused about where to find certain resources in the gaming world. Well, don’t worry this article will make it easy for you to locate the resources.

Maps have been designed in the game to solve this particular purpose. The map can be made easily with minimum resources. It can be used for locating certain areas which are remote and cannot be found easily.

So, let us see how to make a map in Minecraft and what all do we need for a map.

Items required:


How to make a map in Minecraft?

Making a map in Minecraft is easy if you follow the below steps :

Crafting menu
  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu to initiate the process. The crafting menu will look like the image shown above.
How to make a map in minecraft
  • Step 2: Place the compass in the middle of the crafting grid.
  • Step 3: Place all 8 pieces of paper that you have collected around the compass.
  • Step 4: The resultant block marked in red will have the Minecraft map once the crafting is done.
Move map inventory
  • Step 5: Now you have your map. Quickly move it to your inventory as shown above and roam in the Minecraft world without any hassle.

Finding sugarcane in the game:

As making paper will require sugarcane you will have to grind for sugarcane in the game. Sugarcanes can be found near the bank of rivers or they can be found in a village where there is a farm in the house of a villager.

Finding sugarcane in the game won’t be such a big task for you and they can be spotted easily.

Finding Redstone in the game:

For crafting a compass we will need Redstone dust and iron ingots. Redstone is usually found deep under the rocks. You need to dig up to the deepest 16 blocks and there you can spot some Redstone blocks. You need to mine the blocks with a pickaxe. A pickaxe with fortune III enchantment would be better for mining Redstone.

Finding Iron ingots in the game:

For crafting iron ingots we will need to mine some iron blocks. Iron can be found in caves or hills near rivers. For mining iron, you will need a pickaxe. 


Q1. How do you create a map on Minecraft?

Ans. For crafting a map in Minecraft you will need eight pieces of paper and one compass. Just place them on the crafting table in the desired manner.

Q2. How do you get the full map on Minecraft?

Ans. Using the command /reveal will reveal the whole map of the Minecraft world you are playing in.

Q3. How do you make a big map in Minecraft 2022?

Ans. To make a big map in Minecraft you just need to place the crafted map on the crafting table and place eight pieces of paper around it.

Q4. How do you make a map cartography in Minecraft? 

Ans. This can be done by making a villager cartographer and then he will sell the cartography map to you.

Q5. How do you make a 3*3 map in Minecraft?

Ans. For this, you will need nine empty maps and nine-item frames. Mount the item frames where you want the map to be and they use the empty maps on the item frames.

The Bottom Line:

A map can be a very useful tool in Minecraft. It can help you to locate those places which are far away and have resources. So if you have a map you can easily locate which resources can be found in which part and your time won’t be wasted in searching the resources in different places.

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