How to make a shulker box in Minecraft?

Every gamer in Minecraft knows the importance of inventory and that’s why you have to think very hard about what things to keep because of the limited space.

But, what if I told you I have a solution for you?

Well, the Minecraft chest is the solution that you can use as an inventory. You just need to craft a shulker box to carry your chest.

So, in this article we will be talking about how to make a shulker box for carrying the chest in Minecraft.

Let’s us look at the items needed to build the shulker box.

Items required :

Shulker ShellsTwo

How to make shulker box in Minecraft?

Now you know the items, so let’s begin with the process :

  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu as shown above.
  • Step 2: Place the chest at the middle of the grid as shown.
  • Step 3: Place the shulker shells at the top and bottom of the chest and let the crafting take place.
  • Step 4: After the crafting is done. You will have the shulker box as shown above in the red box
  • Step 5: Move the box to your inventory and easily use it to carry the chest.

How to get shulker shells ?


For making a shulker shell you need to go to the end city where you will find a shulker as a special type of mob.

When you find the shulker follow these steps to collect shulker shells:

  • Step 1: Attack the shulker and try to kill it.
  • Step 2: When the shulker dies they drop a shulker shell.
  • Step 3: Take the shulker shell and move it to your inventory before it disappears.

Repeat the process again until you have enough shells for the shulker box.


Q1. How to make a shulker in Minecraft?

Ans. A shulker shell can be obtained from a mob called shulker found only in the end city dimension of Minecraft,

Q2. Can you get shulker without going to the end?

Ans. No, a player cannot get a shulker without going to the end city as shulkers are only found in the end city,

Q3. Can you breed shulkers?

Ans. No, you cannot breed shulkers in the game as of now but it may be introduced in the upcoming updates.

Q4. Do shulkers spawn naturally?

Ans. Shulkers only spawn where there is a natural world generation and the end city adapts to the natural world.

Q5. What do shulkers hate in Minecraft?

Ans. Shulkers do not take damage from lava or fire in the game and they do not die when exposed to both of them.


The shulker box is an extremely useful tool in the game as it helps the players to revolve around the world with their items and they do not suffer when they require any particular items when they are grinding around the world for mining or any other purpose. A shulker box has made it very easy for the players to grind in the game and explore it better.

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