How to make paper in Minecraft?

From crafting tools to trading items paper can be used everywhere in Minecraft. It can also be used to craft maps and books.

Lemme ask you a question – how long have you been playing Minecraft?

If you are a new player then read the article carefully as in this article we will be talking about how to make paper in Minecraft and what are it’s uses in the game.

Items required :


How to make paper in Minecraft ?

For crafting paper, you will just need one item that is sugarcane and that can be obtained from the sugarcane plant.

Once you get the sugarcane follow these steps :

  • Step 2: Place all three sugarcanes in the middle grid of the table as shown above.
  • Step 3: You will get three papers in the right block once the crafting is done.
  • Step 4: Move all three papers to your inventory as shown above and use them as you like.

How to get sugarcane in Minecraft?


Sugarcanes are normally found growing around the ponds. You can also plant sugarcane by just picking up a seed from the plant. They grow at a very fast pace and a farm can be created in a very less amount of time.

Uses of paper in the game:


Paper can be used in the game to trade emeralds with villagers and is a very valuable trade. The librarian villager offers you emeralds for papers and trades them at a fair barter and you can obtain emeralds for papers and do not have to grind for them in the game.

Crafting cartography table:

A cartography table can be crafted using paper and can be used to read maps easily and we can even mark a location on the map by using the cartography table

Crafting books: 

Books can be crafted using paper and they can also be used for trading in the game and also can be used for making enchantments, so indirectly paper serves the purpose of enchantments too as books are made from paper.


Q1. Can we make paper with wood in Minecraft?

Ans. Paper cannot be crafted using wood in Minecraft.

Q2. can we make paper without sugarcane in Minecraft?

Ans. paper cannot be crafted without using sugarcane in Minecraft and we do need sugarcane to produce lots of paper.

Q3. Can you turn bamboo into paper in Minecraft?

Ans. You can make paper using sugarcane in Minecraft and you just need to place the sugarcane on the crafting table and the paper will be crafted.

Q4. Do villagers sell paper?

Ans. Yes, villagers sell paper for a particular barter system and they demand some materials in exchange for the papers they give you.

Q5. can I make a book in Minecraft?

Ans. Yes, a book can be made in Minecraft using paper and leather.

The Bottom Line:

All around paper is a very useful item in Minecraft and can be used to craft some tools or it can be used for trading with villagers. Paper crafting doesn’t require many resources it just requires sugarcane on the crafting table to make some papers and that’s it you do not require anything else to craft paper. So if we see the overall paper is very useful and also it can be crafted very easily by just using sugarcane.

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