How to make potions in Minecraft | Brewing guide 101

Minecraft provides you with a magical world to play the game. Some features of the game like potion making make it very special. Using potions you can achieve some powers which are not available to normal players. 

Excited to know that right, so let’s know how to make potions in Minecraft and use the power of potions in the game.

Items required:

Potion-making is a difficult process and it requires many resources. You will need the following items to make potions in Minecraft.

Brewing standsone
Blaze powderOne
Glass bottleThree

How to make potions in Minecraft?

To make any kind of potion in Minecraft follow the following process:

  • There are basically three things you need to take care of while making a potion.
  • Ingredients for the potion, the fuel for the brewing stand, and the bottle for the potion.
  • For fuel, we use blaze powder on the brewing stand as listed in the required items.
  • The ingredients depend on what kind of potion you are making and accordingly you have to put the ingredients on the brewing stand.
  • Place the ingredients, fuel, and bottle on the brewing in the following manner:
  • When the bottle fills up completely that means the potion is created and you can move the bottle to your inventory for using it afterward.
How to make potions in Minecraft

Collecting cobblestones:

As we need cobblestones for crafting a brewing stand we need to mine them. Cobblestones are available at most of the spots in the game and a player doesn’t need to rind too much for mine cobblestones.

Collecting Blaze rod:

For crafting a brewing stand we also need a blaze rod. Blaze rods can be obtained by killing blazes in the nether. When you attack a blaze it dies and drops a blaze rod you should pick it up and keep it in your inventory before it disappears.

Making glass:

We will need glass to make the bottles which we will use to fill up the potions. To make the glass we have to smelt the sand blocks in the furnace which yields glass.

How to use a Brewing stand:

Using a brewing stand is very easy and is explained in the steps stated below:

  • Step 1: Just place the resources in the grid in the desired manner.
  • Step 2: Take care that as labeled the resources should be placed in the respective positions only otherwise the potion cannot be made.
  • Step 3: After the bottle is filled it means that the potion is made and you can shift the bottle to your inventory for further use.


Q1. How do you make Minecraft potions step by step?

Ans. For making a potion first place the fuel on the brewing stand then the ingredients and then the bottle so that the potion gets collected in it.

Q2.What makes a potion last longer?

Ans. If you brew Redstone with a potion its duration will be increased and it will work for a longer time.

Q3. What ingredients do you need to make potions?

Ans. the ingredients needed to make a potion depend on what kind of potion you want to make.

Q4. How do you craft all potions in Minecraft?

Ans. Potions are crafted using the brewing stand and no potion can be crafted in Minecraft without using the brewing stand.

Q5. How do you get Dragon’s Breath?

Ans. You can collect the dragon’s breath by using a bottle but you have to be careful that the dragon does not attack you.


Potions have made the game all the more interesting and there is a lot to do in the game. Making it as realistic as possible. Using potions your character gains some powers which normal players do not have and you do extraordinary things. Although making potions is a tough job but it is worth the effort.

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