How to make smooth stone slab in Minecraft?

Are you confused about what to use instead of the stone in buildings? Are the stones taking up a lot of  space, or do you want an alternative to stones?

If you have any of the following queries then this article is for you. We will be talking about the best alternative for stones in the game which are slabs.

Slabs take less space as compared to stones and are also easy to use. So, let’s take a look at how to make stone slab in the game.

Items required for crafting smooth stone slab:

Smooth stoneThree

How to make smooth stone slab in Minecraft?

Collect the smooth stones and follow the crafting process below:

  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu as shown above
  • Step 2: Place all the smooth stones in the middle of the crafting grid as shown above.
  • Step 3: Six stone slabs will be automatically crafted after the process as shown above.
  • Step 4: Now you just need to move the stone slabs to your inventory and use them as you like.

Now you know the process of making stone slabs but what’s the use if you can’t locate smooth stones in the game.

So, let’s have a look at how to smooth stones.

How to make smooth stone in minecraft?

You will need the following items for crafting the stone:

  • Stone block
  • Furnace
  • Coal
  • Step 1: Open the furnace and place the stone block as shown above.
  • Step 2: Place the coal just below the stone to start the smelting process.
  • Step 3: After the smelting is completed the smooth stone appears in the resultant block and you can take it into your inventory.


Q1. How do you make a stone slab in Minecraft?

Ans.  A smooth stone slab can be made in Minecraft using smooth stones and you have to just place the smooth stones on the crafting table in the desired manner.

Q2. How do you make smooth stone brick slabs?

Ans. For making a smooth stone brick slab you will need bricks and place them on the crafting table.

Q3. What is the fastest way to get smooth stones in Minecraft?

Ans. The fastest way to get smooth stones in Minecraft is using a blast furnace to smelt the stones.

Q4. Can a Blast Furnace make stone??

Ans. Yes, a blast furnace can make stone and it can work at a faster speed than a normal furnace.

Q5. Do blast furnaces smelt stone faster?

Ans. Yes, the blast furnace works at a greater pace than normal furnaces

The Bottom Line:

Smooth stones are normally used as building blocks in the game and are very effective as they take less space. They are strong and can be crafted easily. They can also make the building process very easy and efficient too.

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