How to make tinted glass in Minecraft?

All Minecraft players know the importance of tinted glass and how it can be used for building things easily.

If you don’t know how to make tinted glass in Minecraft and what so special about it. Then, do give this article a read and you will know everything about tinted glasses.

What’s so special about tinted glass?

The main reason why it is given so much importance is that it can block light from entering its surrounding. However, it is a transparent-looking glass.

Moreover, it can be broken down and re-collected as a block which cannot be done with normal glass.

You must be thinking about what’s so different in the production that it can be broken and re-collected, to know this let’s have a look at the items required to make tinted glasses.

Items for Tinted Glass

Amethyst ShardFour

How to make tinted glass in Minecraft?

Follow the steps below after collecting all the required items:

  • Step 1: For crafting a tinted glass, start by opening the crafting table. It will look similar to the image shown above.
  • Step 2: Place the glass at the center of the grid and cover the glass with the shards in the pattern displayed above.
  • Step 3: You will see 2 tinted glass in the right block after the crafting is finished.
  • Step 4: Move the tinted glass to your inventory as shown above and repeat the process if you need more glass for your building.

If you are new at the game then finding amethyst shards will be a difficult task for you, so take a look at how to locate the shards.

How to get amethyst shards in Minecraft?

Amethyst shards are not like the other items that can be found easily lying around your mansion. They are very difficult to find and a player has to mine at a particular distance on a particular axis to find those. Even if the player manages to do so, then also there is no surety that the player will find the shards.


You will have to locate the amethyst geodes where amethyst clusters are found. Mine the clusters using a pickaxe and then make tinted glass from them.

How to get glass in Minecraft?

Glass is not a natural resource that you can use in Minecraft. You will either have mine the glass or craft one.


You can use the coal and the sand block to make glass in Minecraft. Place them on the crafting menu and you will get a glass after crafting.


Q1. Is there tinted glass in Minecraft?

Ans. Yes, there is tinted glass in Minecraft and it can be crafted using some resources and the crafting table. It doesn’t take much longer to craft.

Q2. How do you tint glass in Minecraft?

Ans. Glass can be tinted by placing it on the crafting table with some amethyst shards and in no time the glass is tinted.

Q3. Does tinted glass let light through in Minecraft?

Ans. Light cannot pass through the tinted glass in Minecraft as it is designed for the purpose blocking the light.

Q4. Can mobs see you through tinted glass?

Ans. No, mobs do not have sight through the glass panels and they cannot see through the tinted glass.

Q5. Can zombies burn under tinted glass?

Ans. No, zombies cannot burn under tinted glass as they can only be burned under normal glass.


Tinted glass is a very useful item in Minecraft and can be used to block light from entering any building and can be used while building any mansion. It can also be used in windows to see monsters as they cannot see through glass. So overall tinted glass is better than normal glass as it can be broken down and recollected as a block again which is not possible with normal glass.

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