How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

In the Minecraft game, bows are used by players for long-range combat. One can make the bow one of the best aces by pairing them with certain enchantments. You can also use the bow to shoot the arrow of water breathing in case you want to breathe under water. But over time, the bow wears out.

 If you continuously use it over an extended period, it will break, leaving you frustrated. But don’t worry because you can repair the bow and stop it from breaking. 

Can You Repair Bow in Minecraft?

As a beginner, you will learn multiple things about the Minecraft game. The game is surprising and allows you to explore as you play. 

Everyone playing Minecraft has a common question: Can you repair a bow? The answer is yes if you are also wondering about the same thing. You can repair the Minecraft bow. 

This article will highlight three different methods through which you can repair your incredible weapon without any difficulty. Follow the same techniques to repair your Minecraft bow in no time. 

Before we get to the repairing techniques, let us first understand why do bow breaks.

Why Do the Bow Break?


Bow breaking in the middle of the game is quite disappointing. But do you know why it happens? For this, you need to understand how the game works. Each item that you use in the Minecraft game has a hitpoint. So, the more you use a tool, the lower your score. 

That means when you use the bow excessively; it loses its stats. When the bow runs out of health, it breaks. If you want the bow to work, you must craft a new one to repair the broken bow. 

What Kind of Bow Can be Repaired?

Before we discuss the repairing tips, it’s important to know the types of bow you can repair. The Minecraft game includes normal bow and enchanted bows.

The first is the normal bow, which comes with basic gaming abilities. This bow can be used several times in the game for different purposes.

Enchanted bow in the other hand is loaded with increased powers. You can use this bow to get much better things that a normal bow does not allow. 

No matter which bow you are using, it looses its durability and will break with time. But you can keep using the bow in the game by repairing them. Fortunately, you can repair both bows without much hassle. 

How to Repair a Bow?

There are three ways to repair the bow which are listed below :

1. Repairing a Bow with an Anvil

Step 1: Open Your Anvil


Start the bow repairing process by opening the anvil from the inventory. You can even watch videos on repairing anvil to understand the process properly. 

Step 2: Place the Bows in the Anvil

The second step requires placing the damaged bow in the first box. You can place another bow in the second box. The box on the right will then have your repaired bow, which you can use to continue the game. 

Step 3: Move the Bow to the Inventory

Lastly, you need to drag the repaired bow into the inventory. When you use an anvil to repair the broken bow, you don’t have to remove any enchantments. 

2. Repairing a Bow with Crafting Table 

Did you know that a simple crafting table can also be used for repairing a bow? Here’s how you can do it: 

Step 1: Open Your Crafting Menu 

You can repair the bow in the crafting table by opening the crafting table in Minecraft. 

Step 2: Add Two Bows to the Menu

The menu will appear on the screen where you can add the two enchanted bows to the grid. When you add the bows to the crafting table, the repaired bow will appear in the right box. 

Step 3: Move the Bow to the Inventory 

Complete the bow repairing process by dragging the healed bow to your inventory. Remember that this bow repair method can make you lose enchantments on your bow. 

3. Repair a Bow with a Grindstone

Step 1: Open Your Grindstone 


If you want to repair bows using a grindstone, you need to start by opening the grindstone from inventory. You can check online tutorials on making a grindstone in Minecraft if you don’t have one. 

Step 2: Place the Bows in the Grindstone 

You need to place the bow in the top box. The other bow will be placed in the bottom box. After some time, the repaired bow will appear in the right box. 

Step 3: Move the Bow to the Inventory 

At last, you must drag the bow down to the inventory. While repairing an enchanted bow using grindstone, remember that grindstone will remove all the enchantments. 

Crafting a Bow in Minecraft 

Players can easily craft regular bows using stocks and rope, which can be harvested by killing spiders. After you have crafted a bow, you must stock up on arrows. For the arrows, you need flint, feathers, and sticks. You can kill a mob or Minecraft boss with your arrow. 

If you are unsure about hitting the target with your arrow, point the bow to the ground and fire. You can pick up your arrow but picking arrows from skeletons, or other people is not permitted. 

You can fire an endless number of arrows from the infinity enchantment. But you must have one arrow in your inventory. 

You require an enchanting table to enchant any tool or weapon in the Minecraft game. The bookshelf around the enchantment table can also help add better enchantments to the table. 

This way, you can get the best bow enchantments in Minecraft. If you want infinity arrows, you need to keep your eye on the infinity enchantment. 


Q1. How many times can you repair a bow in Minecraft?

Ans: You can repair a bow until the repair cost exceeds 39. But it is only possible when you are using an anvil. 

Q2. What materials do you need to repair a bow?

Ans: A bow can be repaired in Minecraft using an anvil, grindstone, and a crafting table. 

Q3. Why can’t I repair my bow?

Ans: While repairing the bow, if the anvil says “too expensive,” you should simply make a new ordinary bow. You can also enchant it accordingly. 

Q4. How do you repair enchanted items in Minecraft?

Ans: Enchanted items in Minecraft can become damaged over time, and when this happens, you will need to repair them using an anvil. To do this, simply place the damaged item and the anvil in your crafting grid, and then use an iron ingot to repair it. You can also combine two damaged items to create a new resultant bow.

Q5. How do I fix my Infinity bow?

Ans: An infinity bow is also an enchanted item and you can easily fix it with an anvil. Place your bow in the anvil along with the additional mateirals like iron ingots and the anvil will repair it for you.


Repairing a bow in Minecraft is pretty simple, but beginners might get confused. However, you can easily repair or even craft a new bow by following our guide. We have listed multiple ways to fix a bow. You can use a craft table, a grindstone or even an anvil to repair a bow.

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