Easy Minecraft House Ideas for 2023

Looking for some good designs for your Minecraft house?

Here is a collection of the easiest Minecraft House ideas that you should definitely try the next time you are playing Minecraft.

1. End portal house:

Based on the design of the end portal this house comes with a new concept design. A portal is attached to the house which makes the house look more attractive and the portal can be used to travel to the end world. The house is made between the trees to make the look more elusive.

This house has been designed for the scary or illusive look lovers who would like to have their house look more attractive. Also different from normal houses so if you want your house to be like that this design is definitely for you.

End portal house Minecraft

2. Duplex house:

A duplex house designed with wood and stone and a big entrance make the place feel like a massive one. The stairs take you straight up to the second and to come to the first floor you have to climb down the stairs designed inside the house.

The ground floor is designed with a farm and a chest room so that the whole floor can be used for cultivation and storage purposes. And the living space is completely different from the residence this is done for the safety of the resources.

Duplex house Minecraft

3. Temple design house:

This is a compact and small house designed for the starter purpose i.e. when you start playing the game. You need a house to put up the bed in and also for storing the resources you have collected. This house ultimately serves the purpose of the starter pack.

The house design is inspired by the designs of a temple as the roof is designed like a Chinese trench. The entrance is decorated with two lanterns one on each side, the design is not very attractive but serves the purpose of a house completely.

Temple design house Minecraft

4. Stone hut:

A hut is made of stone and the roof is made with wood and given a unique design. The thing that makes this hut different from other huts is that the hut is made with stone and there are no safety breaches in the hut. This is a compact but feature-packed hut.

The most unique feature of the hut is the end portal on the right side of the entrance of the hut. So what else you could ask for in a hut with all the features there is an end portal too designed so that you can visit the end world easily.

Stone hut Minecraft

5. House with garage:

The house is made up of wood and does not offer you an elegant or unique design but does not lack any features. Whether it be a farm, a library, a storage room, etc. The house offers you all the features which can be provided in a house.

The roof is designed like the roof of a hut to preserve the vintage design and give it the old look. There is also a garage made on the right side of the stairs made for the entrance and it is pretty huge and you can use it for any purpose. One of the best Minecraft House ideas is this once just because of the garage facility.

Minecraft House with garage

6. Small house with the attached farm:

Small house with a very compact design and a small farm on the outside and the roof is designed with stone and that too in a unique design. For decoration, lanterns are used on every corner of the house to look good at night.

The house is very compact and is very compact and is at par level with the starter house meant for the rookies in Minecraft. You cannot expect a lot of features from this house as the design is very compact.

Small house with the attached farm

7. Duplex modern house:

If you want a duplex house but with a modern design this is the best design for you. The house has all the storage space on the second floor and the first floor is meant for residents. The ground floor is meant for cultivation purposes and you can design a farm on the ground floor.

There is a pool made on the first floor which is quite big and there are balconies with glass boundaries so that you can enjoy the view from the top floor. The house is average if we rate it based on safety.

Duplex modern house Minecraft

8. Modern house with a garden:

The best modern house for Minecraft as it is made with stone slabs the house has a clean look and looks very attractive. The design for the entrance is made with two big poles one on each side and the colour is white for the royal look.

The whole house has six windows made with transparent glass and if you are comfortable with that you can make the windows with tinted glass. So that the transparency is not there and our privacy is not breached.

Modern house with a garden in Minecraft

9. Frame design gallery:

A house with balconies designed as frames and a new look that has never been seen in the game is experienced in this house design. There is one big window on the first floor to have a good look at the view, the window is also designed in the frame such that it doesn’t ruin the whole design.

The house is built in an open area with grass but you can change the area as per your needs. And build it in any other area like the forests or near to the hills or near to sea shore.

Frame design gallery Minecraft

10. Side window design:

An open house design for those players who do not store their resources in the house they live in, the house is made with two floors. The ground floor is for the farm area and storage purposes. There is also a nether portal you can use to go to the nether easily from your house.

The stairs for the first floor are made on the left side of the entrance and the front face of the house is kept as simple as possible. The house is only meant for chilling and putting up a bed which can be used at the night.

Side window design Minecraft

11. Modern House

A modern house design with a big garden and a fresh look as it is built on a white base. Looks very attractive and the boundaries are decorated with grass which looks great and rejuvenates the look of the house.

Modern House Minecraft

12. Best underground house

This is by far the best design for the underground houses you have seen so far. The only problem with the house is that you have to dig a little deep to make the house huge and have enough space for everything in the house.

Best underground house Minecraft

13. House with a pool

This is a feature-packed modern house that provides you with all the features. It also has a pool with it which looks very attractive and adds a shine to the front face of the house. It is one of the ideal Minecraft House Ideas for professional gamers.

House with a pool in Minecraft

14. House in the woods

A house is built in the woods for all the forest lovers and this house can be built in the centre of the forest. So that the green trees surround the house and a great ambience can be created in the house.

Minecraft House in the woods

15. House in the snow desert

If you want to witness snowfall in the snow desert then this house is the best for you as this can be built in the snow desert. This house is built with minimalistic features and can be built easily with fewer resources.

Minecraft House in the snow desert

16. House in the greens

A modern house with a lush green garden could be a great choice for you if you want a modern house with a big garden. This design is easy to build and offers great value to the player.

Minecraft House in the greens

17. Jailhouse

Want to make the game more realistic?

Then such Minecraft house ideas will definitely get your blood running. Based on the theme of jail this house has been given a spooky look. If you want a house that gives out a scary look at night this can be a good option for your house design.

Jailhouse Minecraft

18. Tower House

A tower-like designed house was built within the woods and decorated with leaves all around this house design. It looks like an old house and a vintage look is offered by it if you are into such design this is a great option for you.

Tower House Minecraft

19. Glass tower

Looks like an expensive house and looks beautiful at the night with light sources in it. If you want a house made up of glass that is wholly transparent and attractive too you can go for this design.

Glass tower Minecraft

20. Mobproof house

A house where you are safe and no mobs or demons can spawn. If you want such a house which offers safety and your resources are completely secured you can try this design.

Mobproof house Minecraft

21. Blue tower

A great blue-colored tower that has a lot of space for your storage room, library, and everything you want in your house. This tower is massive and you won’t feel the lack of space anytime.

Blue tower Minecraft

22. House on the cliffs

A house built between the cliffs offers a great view and a great place to live in. The house is completely safe and there is no risk of living on the cliff.

House on the cliffs in Minecraft

23. Chest design house

A very unique design is offered by this house where your house looks like a chest. You can re-design the whole concept by increasing or decreasing the chest according to your needs.

Chest design house Minecraft

24. Cave House

A safe and secure bunker-like house whose location can be found easily as it is built in a cave. It is surrounded by trees where there are no safety breaches. The only extra effort is to put a large no.of light sources around the house to avoid mobs.

Cave House Minecraft

25. Fox House

A cute design for any house looking like a fox and there are also chimneys designed as the ears of the fox. This house might be a small one but it packs a hell lot of features in it and is considered good for a single player.

Fox House Minecraft

26. Waterfall House

A house is designed with glass windows and the windows are designed with a waterfall. It creates a great illusion the whole house is hidden by the waterfall so there are no safety issues and the house looks attractive too.

Waterfall House Minecraft

27. Old cave house

A cave house designed like the old ones which were built in the medieval age to be used as bunkers. The whole house is built with stones and wood and the space is not an issue as it offers a huge space for all your accommodations.

Old cave house Minecraft

28. Wooden house on the beach

If you love the beach and always want a view of it then this design is for you as the house. It is built on the sea shore and the view from it is fantastic and there are also chairs designed on the outside to enjoy the view.

Minecraft Wooden house on the beach

29. House with chimney

A modern wood house is designed for those players who wanna build a house with minimum resources. If you do not want much hustle, even though the house is built with minimal resources it doesn’t lack any features.

House with chimney in Minecraft

30. Wooden villa

An enormous villa designed for a group of players and it is very luxurious and has six different portions of farms. so that cultivation for every crop can be done and you are never out of resources.

Minecraft Wooden villa

31. Desert House

Want a house in the desert then this might be the design you are looking for the house is not very big and is designed only for one player. and can accommodate all the necessities required in the game.

Desert House Minecraft

32. Bamboo villa

A big villa with a small garden outside and a very massive entry so that when someone enters the villa it feels like a grand one. The villa can accommodate at least 8 players and still has space for storage and a library.

 Minecraft Bamboo villa

33. Dreamy villa

A villa you would have always dreamt of has a huge garden on the front side and a pointed roof for the elegant design of the villa. It also has a gallery to enjoy the sunset and on the backside, there is a farm designed for the cultivation of crops.

Dreamy villa Minecraft

34. Compact house

A compact house designed for the rookies in the game who haven’t explored the full game yet and do not know how to build in the game.

Compact house Minecraft

35. Single accommodator

Another compact house with grass on the boundaries and a storage chest on the entrance and trapdoors just below the windows. They lead to a secret storage space used for resource storage.

Single accommodator Minecraft

36. Huge villa

A huge villa with a galleria on the front side and also a parking area the villa gives a luxurious feel to the resident. The design is somewhat inspired by the community hall designs.

Huge villa Minecraft

37. Modern villa

A modern villa that is attractive and so well designed that the player doesn’t feel a lack of anything in the villa. It has a pool on the front side and there are some trees placed at the entrance for decoration.

Modern villa Minecraft

38. Villa in the forest

A villa in the forest between the greenery and designed like the old vintage villa which offers a vast area for every purpose to be fulfilled. While building a house there are also glass windows designed for the forest view.

Villa in the forest Minecraft

39. Cubical house

A house is designed in the shape of a cube and there are four cubes in the whole design so that four players can be accommodated in the whole house. The four houses are separated for safety purposes.

Cubical house Minecraft

40. Vintage House

A perfect house is designed like the old houses with hut-like entrances and a roof with a slope and a garden at the entrance. There are flowers to welcome the guests and an aroma to set the ambiance.

Vintage House Minecraft


Q1. What is the best house in Minecraft?

Ans. The best house in Minecraft would be a modern house as it is a feature-packed house and won’t feel the lack of anything in the house.

Q2. Where should I make my house in Minecraft?

Ans. The best area to make your house in Minecraft would be in an open area like where there is greenery or you can also build it near the hills.

Q3. How to build a house in Minecraft?

Ans. A house can be built in Minecraft using some wood and stones and a basic design can be created using them both.

Q4. What should I make in a house in Minecraft?

Ans. There are several things you should make in a house in Minecraft like storage space, farm area, library, etc.

Q5. Which is the most beautiful biome in Minecraft?

Ans. The most beautiful biome in Minecraft is the warped biome as the trees and the water and everything else in the biome is very beautiful.

The Bottom Line:

There are many designs for a Minecraft house and you can select any one of them the designs. They are all good and there are designed based on the purpose to be served by building that house. So don’t get confused and select such a design for which you can collect resources and build it easily.

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