Simple Minecraft House Ideas for 2023

Too redundant to grind in the game for resources. Want an effortless and easy house design that can be constructed easily?

Then there might be some simple Minecraft house designs for you that you can build your own house in the game.

1. Witch house:

If you looking for old school design house design this witch house design may be the one for you. Signifying the old times this is a vintage design for your house in Minecraft and may look attractive if built perfectly. The house design has a wooden base and also includes some curvatures made of stone.

Some decoration is done with leave strands for the old vintage look and preserves the culture. The roof is made pointed like a hat and is made of wood to get that old look.

Witch house Minecraft

2. Slab modern house:

Looking for a modern house design that is simplistic yet attractive this might be the best design for you, made with smooth stone slabs.

The house has a modern and attractive look the house is based on an open look. And there are many wide windows made with glass so that a lot of light enters the house. Demons cannot spawn in your house and you are completely safe in your house.

Slab modern house Minecraft

3. White stone modern house:

This might be the best simple house option in Minecraft as you have all the facilities in the simple house. Whether it be a swimming pool or be it chilling space out on the veranda this house is packed with all these spaces. You won’t feel a lack of anything in this house. If you are looking for a modern-looking house design equipped with all the features and is complete then this is a great design you can go for.

White stone modern house Minecraft

4. Japanese old hut:

Don’t wanna grind too much for the resources and want a simplistic house with wood and get the basic features. Do not want a high-end feature-packed house this is the best option for you, based on the design of a Japanese hut.

This design can be implemented easily by a new player too and this is very easy to build. Wooden framed windows with gates in them and the outer boundaries are designed with wood. This house is a small but good package in return for the resources it asks for.

Japanese old hut Minecraft

5. Wooden cabin:

If you want to use only wood in your house but you want it to be big and feature-packed this is a good option you can consider. It is a simple Minecraft house with the hut roof design elevation the house carries a vintage look. It offers you a lot of space to make your storage and every necessary room in your house. So go for it if you are looking for a wooden house with lots of space.

Wooden cabin Minecraft

6. Easy underground house:

A house that is safe from all demons and neighbors in the world if you want such a house then this underground house is a good option for you. Built under the ground with many light sources placed in the house there is no danger of demons in the house. This might be a good option for you to keep your belongings safe and you place traps on the entrances to keep the house safe.

Easy underground house Minecraft

7. Modern wooden house:

The wooden house is a very good option for your house design as the house is equipped with all features and it is not built like old-style wooden houses. It is made with wood and stones the roof is also given a very elegant design.

Modern wooden house Minecraft

8. Single restroom:

The small restroom is for only the purpose of putting up a bed in it. whenever the player wants to sleep he can sleep in a single room with a bed and does not has to place the bed here and there.

Single restroom Minecraft

9. Small house:

This small house is prepared for putting a bed inside the room and the player can use the bed whenever he wants to sleep. There are many designs for such rooms like the one discussed before this one.

Small house Minecraft

10. Open staircase house:

This is also a small house design which is a very compact design. The staircase is designed elegantly on either side of the house for decoration flower pots are placed above the balcony of the house.

Open staircase house Minecraft

11. Wooden house with the farm:

The elegant small house is designed with a big glass window and there is a farm designed underneath the house. There is enough for one player in the house and is designed according to the accommodation of one player only.

Wooden house with the farm Minecraft

12. Two-story wooden house:

This is a two-story wooden house with a huge design and a lot of space you can have everything you want in this house and there is no lack of space. The stairs are designed to be on the outside of the house and this gives the house a unique look.

Two story wooden house Minecraft

13. Wooden hut:

This wooden hut is designed in modern and not traditional ways. There are all features embedded in the hut and made suitable for two players to accommodate themselves easily.

Wooden hut Minecraft

14. Japanese trench:

The Japanese trench design is used in the hut and a unique entrance is designed for the house to look elegant and attractive. The house can be used for two players and can easily accommodate all their resources too. It is a simple Minecraft house that you can easily build.

Japanese trench Minecraft

15. Rooftop pool:

The modern house is designed with a pool on the roof and the whole house is made with white stone slabs and looks very attractive. There are big windows covered with tinted glass and for decoration, there are some plants used.

Rooftop pool Minecraft

16. Wooden hut:

A small wooden hut designed for only one player with some storage space and a bed and a small bookshelf in the house. It is made with all the necessities in the game and can serve the purpose of the primary stage of the game.

Wooden hut Minecraft

17. Japanese temple:

The huge house design is inspired by Japanese temple designs and the house is huge and has the capacity for at least four players. With all the features necessary you won’t feel the need for any external features in the house.

Japanese temple Minecraft

18. Vintage hut:

The wooden house is designed based on the design of old vintage huts and the entrance is the same as old huts. The house also has a gallery outside the main room. There is a farm designed just underneath the house for some cultivation. You can also check out the latest Minecraft castle ideas if you want to build something modern in the game.

Vintage hut Minecraft

19. Village hut:

The house is made with the design of a village hut the roof is made with a slope to get the unique design the house has a balcony. It is a simple and small house suitable for two players.

Village hut Minecraft

20. House along the shore:

With the most elegant idea for an idea this house is designed on the shore of a pod and the house is designed like a modern house. It is made with stone slabs the lighting is kept to be light tone to maintain a good ambiance.

House along the shore Minecraft

21. Classic house:

This is a classic design for a house and it is just like a regular house design. It can be made with limited resources and doesn’t require a big team to build this house. This house can accommodate at least two players and their resources too.

Classic house Minecraft

22. Open window house:

The design of this house is made with two open windows one on each side and there is space for two players in the house. There is not much space in the house storage is gonna be an issue if you make this house and there is a farm also designed with the house.

Open window house Minecraft

23. Compact modern house:

If you want a modern house and a compact one too this is the best design for you as you can design a modern-looking house. The size will also be small so that not many resources are required to build it.

Compact modern house

24. Dark wood hut:

The wood hut is designed as the regular hut design and dark wood is used on the roof to make the hut attractive. If you are looking for a small house this might be a good option.

Dark wood hut Minecraft

25. Garden villa

This is a grand villa designed with a big garden and there is plenty of space in the house and enough space for storage so you won’t feel short of space anytime. The huge garden is the usp to the villa.

These are some designs that I know to find out to be the best and there are many more designs you can select from and build a great house.

Garden villa Minecraft


Q1. What is the easiest house in Minecraft?

Ans. The easiest house that can be designed in Minecraft is the simple square house which does not need many resources to build it.

Q2. How to build a Minecraft house for beginners?

Ans. The best way to start is by collecting some wood and other resources which will be required for building the house.

Q3. How do you build a simple and small house in Minecraft?

Ans. A simple and small can be built in Minecraft using some wood and stones and a basic design can be created using them both.

Q4. What’s the best starter house in Minecraft?

Ans. There are many options for a starter house like a miny hut or a tiny cottage or a small wood cabin etc.

Q5. What is the easiest thing to build in Minecraft?

Ans. A simple modern house is considered to be the easiest thing that can be built in Minecraft without putting in much effort.

The Bottom Line

A simple house can be built easily in Minecraft and it does not require many resources. It is best to build a simple house until you have explored the world and you gave all the necessary resources to build a big mansion. So building a small house would be a good option and it will be less time-consuming and easy to build.

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