How to get rid of water in Minecraft?

Minecraft is an amazing game, but sometimes you need to get rid of the water that blocks your path. It can be a nuisance in Minecraft, especially if you’re trying to keep your home dry. 

The good news? 

Today, I will cover some of the most basic ways to get rid of water in Minecraft. But before we do that let us first understand how water works.

How water works in Minecraft?

Have you ever noticed a Waterfall while playing Minecraft?

Notice the waterfall next time and you will find that water will always flow from a single hole in the wall.

Moving water always comes from at least one source block. 

Now you must be thinking what’s a source block? So lets clear your doubt’s.

What is a source block ?

Source blocks are still blocks of water. These blocks can easily be picked up and placed using a bucket. Source blocks appear as still water and do not interact with the flowing water. They are placed horizontally on a surface so that water can flow over them.

All water bodies are made up of these source blocks. Now you can’t just remove the source block to stop the water flow. As soon as you remove the source blow the water will flow right back in place and you will get stuck in a loop.

You can shoot the water breathing arrow with your bow if you want to breathe under water. However, that’s a temporary situation. So let’s see some permanent solutions.

5 ways to remove deep pool of water in Minecraft

Listed below are some of the alternate ways to get rid of water in Minecraft.

Remove water using the source block


A source block is a block of water that is connected to an infinite supply of water. You can easily drain water if it is located in a small hole. The problem arises when the single source block is located in a cave  

To find a source block, look for a stream or waterfall of water that is flowing from an elevated block. The source block will be the block that the water is coming from. Once you have found it, destroy the block and the water will stop flowing.

Remove water using Sponge


Sponges are the most effective way to get rid of water. The sad part is they are very rare and can only be found in Ocean monuments.

You will have to mine the sponges from the sponge rooms. But beware the sponges will be wet. 

You will have to put them in a furnace and dry them using a flammable item. It’s exactly like cooking food except for this time you will get a dry sponge insisted of food.

When you get the dry sponge, just place it on the water and it will start to absorb the water around it as a real sponge would do. You can move the sponge around to other areas where there is water, and it will keep absorbing.

A dry sponge can absorb water from 7 blocks in one go. Once it has soaked up as much water as possible, you can dry the wet sponge using a furnace and reuse it again when needed.

Note: Be prepared before entering the Ocean Monument as it is a pretty dangerous place.

Removing water using a Bucket


Another method to get rid of water in Minecraft is by using an empty bucket. You will need a crafting table and three iron ingots for making a bucket. Once you have collected all the necessary materials, place the ingots on the crafting table in the V shape to create a new bucket.

Locate the water source, press right-click while holding the bucket and it will fill up. You can then move the bucket to another location or simply wait for the water to evaporate.

You can also use this method to transfer water to other areas if you need to. Just make sure that the bucket is empty before trying to pick it up, or else you will spill the water.

Remove water by replacing the water source


In some cases, you may need to replace a water source with another block. This can be done by removing the block of water and replacing it with another block such as a solid block of sand or dirt.

This method is useful if you have a large body of water that you need to remove, but don’t want to use a sponge or bucket. Just be careful not to accidentally place the new block too close to other blocks of water, or you’ll just create a new water source.

Remove water using Lava


You can get rid of water by turning it into stones or obsidian using lava. It spawns naturally in a lot of places in Minecraft. Simply go the nether portal to get a block of lava easily.

Whenever it comes in contact with the water block it will immediately turn the water block into stone.

similarly, if you can locate the water source and the lava comes in contact with it. It will turn it into obsidian.


Q1. How to get rid of water in Minecraft without sponges ?

Ans: You can use sand blocks, gravel, or even a bucket to remove water without using sponges

Q2. How to get rid of water in Minecraft creative?

Ans: It’s pretty simple to drain water in Minecraft creative. Simply use a program like MCEdit to remove water in Minecraft.

Q3. How to get rid of water in Minecraft bedrock?

Ans: You can remove water in Minecraft bedrock using a sponge, gravel, bucket, or even lava.

Q4. What is the fastest way to get rid of water in Minecraft?

Ans: The fastest way to remove water in Minecraft is by using sponges.

Q5. Can you drain the ocean in Minecraft?

Ans: Yes, you can drain the ocean in Minecraft by using sand or gravel stones. You will have to start with draining part of the ocean by stacking gravel stones until the whole ocean is drained.

The Bottom Line

So, if you ever get stuck in a water situation. Try these ways to remove water from your Minecraft world.These are not some automated macros that will put you at risk. These methors are perfectly safe and you can use any one of these depending on the materials at your disposal and the situation you find yourself in

So what are you waiting for? Try out these methods today and see which one works best for you.

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