How to make a grindstone in Minecraft?

Whether it be repairing tools, increasing XP, or removing enchantments, grindstone is the all-in-one tool you can use for all of these purposes.

If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time now you must know how to make a grindstone in Minecraft, but if you are new to the game then this article is for you.

Items required for a grindstone:

You will only need the three items listed below:

Wooden PlanksTwo
Stone SlabOne

How to make a grindstone in Minecraft?

Just gather all the resources from the respective sources and then start the crafting process:

  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu
  • Step 2: Place the sticks at the top right and left corner of the crafting table.
  • Step 3: Place the stone slab between the sticks as shown above.
  • Step 4: Place the wooden planks Just below the sticks and let the crafting take place.
  • Step 5: As soon as the crafting is completed the grindstone appears in the resultant block marked in red.
  • Step 6: Move the grindstone to your inventory and save it for further use.

How to make a stick in Minecraft?


It is very easy to make sticks just collect some wooden blocks and make planks from them and place the planks on the crafting table as shown above to make sticks.

How to get wooden planks in Minecraft?

To collect wooden planks simply follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Find the nearest village.
  • Step 2: Locate a house with wooden plank walls.
  • Step 3: Break the walls by using the left mouse button and move the wooden planks to your inventory.

How to make smooth stone slabs in Minecraft?

To make stone slabs in the game collect some stones and then place stones on the crafting table to make stone slabs. You can check out our guide of How to make a stone slab for a detailed explaination.

Uses of grindstone:

Now you must be confused about how to use grindstone. Don’t worry just go through the guidelines:

Tool repairing:

Grindstone can be used to repair your worn-out tools and make them ready for use and increase their working period and their durability too. Just open the grindstone menu, place the tools on it and it will be repaired.

Removing enchantments:

To remove enchantments place the enchanted tools on the grindstone and the enchantment will be removed from the tool and the output will be a tool without any enchantments.

Increasing XP:

When you use the grindstone to remove enchantments the XP released from the enchantment in the game is given to the player so when you disenchant the tool your XP will increase.


Q1. How much XP does grindstone give?

Ans. The amount of XP you receive from grindstone depends on the no. of enchantments on the tool you disenchanted.

Q2. Does a grindstone remove Anvil uses?

Ans. Yes, repairing or the the crafting grid removes all the enchantments during the process.

Q3. Why cannot I make grindstone in Minecraft?

Ans. There are three items required to make a grindstone in Minecraft and if any of the three items are missing grindstone cannot be crafted.

Q4. What does a grindstone do in Minecraft?

Ans. A grindstone can be used to repair tools or disenchant tools and increase the XP of the player.

Q5. Does looting give more XP?

Ans. No, looting in the game won’t give your more XP in Minecraft.

The Bottom Line

Grindstone is a very useful tool and it can be used for several purposes in the game can be crafted easily and doesn’t have many resources or texture packs like other tools, so a beginner should always learn to craft grindstone as it will be very useful for them in the game.

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