How to plant sugar cane in Minecraft?

Used for making paper, sugar, book, and many more items, sugarcane is a precious resource in Minecraft and it can be farmed easily in the game.

In short, to plant sugarcane near your mansion you just need to take a seed and plant it, and when it grows take the seed and plant it again so that you can make a sugarcane farm.

It can be found near water resources where there is a pond or a river. Sugarcanes grow on the banks of the rivers and you can take the plant and plant it near your mansion.

Let us see the detailed version of how to plant sugar cane in Minecraft.

Items required:

You will need a sugarcane seed to make a sugarcane farm.

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How to plant sugar cane in Minecraft?

To plant sugarcane in Minecraft you need to follow the steps stated below:

How to plant Sugar cane Minecraft
  1. Just find a sugarcane plant that can be found near the rivers or in a villager’s house.
  2. Take the plant in your inventory to plant it in the soil you have reserved for the farm.
  3. Plant the seed into the soil and then leave it, it will grow into sugarcane.
  4. You can replicate the same process if you want a sugarcane farm.

Finding Sugarcane in the game:

Sugarcane can be found at several places in the game which are listed below:

  • River bank: 

The most common place where sugarcane is found is near the river banks and there is a good chance that if you are looking out for sugarcane you can find it near the river bank.

  • Village farm:

When you raid a village notice if there is a farm in a villager’s house and if there is one you can find sugarcane there and save it in your inventory.

sugar cane Minecraft

How to use sugarcane in the game?

Sugarcane can be used for a variety of things in the Minecraft game like:

Making paper:

Sugarcane can be used to make paper in Minecraft. To do this, you will need to have at least three pieces of sugarcane. Place the sugarcane on the crafting table in a row. This will result in 3 sheets of paper.

Making book:

Books can also be made from sugarcane in Minecraft. Although, you will need paper to make a book. However, paper is made from sugarcane. So ultimately, sugarcane is an important source for making a book.

Making sugar:

Sugar is another product that can be made from sugarcane in Minecraft. For this, you will need one piece of sugarcane. Place the sugarcane on the crafting table. This will give you one piece of sugar.


Q1. How do I plant sugarcane in Minecraft?

Ans. You can plant sugarcane in Minecraft using a seed which can be obtained by cutting off a grown plant of sugarcane.

Q2. Why can’t I plant sugar cane in Minecraft?

Ans. You must not be following the standard procedure to plant a sugarcane plant this might be the reason you are not able to plant a sugarcane tree.

Q3. Can you plant sugar cane in Minecraft?

Ans. Yes, we can plant sugarcane in Minecraft very easily just using the seed,

Q4. Can you plant sugar cane on sand Minecraft?

Ans. You can plant sugarcane on the sand, dirt, and grass in Minecraft. 

Q5. Does sugarcane grow better on grass or sand in Minecraft?

Ans. By far as per the gamers sugarcane grows better on the sand and it grows fast on the sand as reported.

The Bottom Line:

Sugarcane can be used for various purposes in the game and is a precious resource to grind for. It can be planted easily and no hard efforts have to be given to planting a sugarcane plant in the game. There are many items made from sugarcane that are used for various processes in the game.

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