How to get a string in Minecraft | Easiest way

Whether it’s crafting a fishing rod, a loom, or a bow, a string is very useful for each of these purposes.

Being such a helpful resource strings are very underrated in the game. They can be crafted easily and can be used for crafting other useful tools. 

Want to know how to get a string in Minecraft?

The short answer would be to find a cobweb and get as many strings as you want. However, read along for a more detailed guide.

Items required:


How to get a string in Minecraft without killing spiders?

Follow the steps to easily make your own string in the game:

Crafting menu
  • Step 1: Open the crafting menu for making a string. A crafting menu will look something like this.
How to get string in Minecraft
  • Step 2: Place the cobweb at the center of the grid.
  • Step 3: Now just let the crafting begin and you will get 9 strings after it’s finished.
  • Step 4: You will get the string in the resultant block. Make sure to move it to your inventory and use it as you like. You can also make candles from strings.

How to get a string from a spider in Minecraft?

Collecting strings is pretty easy if you can locate a spider in the game. Spiders are usually found in the overworld biomes in the dark.

You will need a weapon to fight the spider. Get a weapon and armor to kill the spider. It will turn pink after each attack. You will get a string once you have killed the spider.

Please Note: You won’t always get a string after killing the spider. So keep on trying until you get one.

How to find cobwebs in Minecraft?

Cobweb is made of string and has a sticky surface. When you walk through a cobweb, it will slow you down. You can use shears to collect cobwebs. They can also be used to make arrows fly slower. Cobwebs can be founded easily in the game like near abandoned mine shafts. It can be also found in caves or where a spider is spawned.

Cobwebs are not difficult to find if you work smartly. Just look for abandoned places or caves.


Q1. What’s the easiest way to get the string in Minecraft?

Ans. The easiest way to get the string in Minecraft is by crafting it using cobweb which can be found easily in the game.

Q2. Can I make a string in Minecraft?

Ans. Yes, you can make a string in Minecraft using cobweb and use it for different purposes.

Q3. Can you turn wool into string Minecraft?

Ans. You can turn a string into wool using a crafting table and place the string on the crafting table in the desired manner and the wool will be crafted.

Q4. How do you gather string in Minecraft?

Ans. For gathering string in the game you have to look for cobwebs as string can be crafted using cobwebs.

Q5. How do you make strings?

Ans. Strings can be made using a cobweb you just have to place the cobweb on the crafting table and the string will be crafted.

The Bottom Line:

The string is a useful tool in the game and can be used to make looms, wool, fishing rod, and many more things. All the more string can be crafted easily using cobweb. There is nothing else required to craft a string and just a cobweb. This makes it all the more precious and useful resource in the game.

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