How to make a furnace in Minecraft?

We all know how important a furnace is in Minecraft and how much time it saves by melting things in seconds.

The use of a furnace cannot be listed as it has many uses in the game like smelting stones, making glass or making iron ingots, etc.

The count does not end when we start counting the uses of a furnace in the game. You must be thinking about how to make a furnace in Minecraft

So let’s have a look at the items before we begin the process.

Items required:


How to make a furnace in Minecraft?

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You have to mine for eight cobblestones and when you are done with it, open the crafting menu as shown above.
  • Step 2: Place the cobblestones on the crafting table in the following manner to make a furnace.
  • Step 3: Once the crafting is completed you will see a furnace in the resultant block marked in red.
  • Step 4: Take the furnace to your inventory to use in the future for smelting things.

Now let’s look at the process of getting cobblestones in the game.

How to get cobblestones in Minecraft?


Cobblestone can be easily mined in the game. They are normally found under the mountains or deep in the plains biome. If you are digging for cobblestones in the plain biome you have to dig to a deeper section to obtain them. They are used as a building block in the game and can also be used to yield smooth stones.


Q1. How do you make a furnace in Minecraft?

Ans. For making a furnace in the game we need eight cobblestones and a crafting table.

Q2. How do you make a craftsman furnace??

Ans. A furnace can be crafted in the game using some cobblestones, you just have to place the cobblestones in the desired manner on the crafting table.

Q3. How many furnaces are there in Minecraft?

Ans. There are two types of furnaces in Minecraft which are the normal furnace and the blast furnace.

Q4. How do you make a Super furnace?

Ans. A super furnace can be crafted in the game using a big chunk of cobblestones and using Redstone dust to connect the links. 

Q5. Can you smelt Netherite armor?

Ans. Nephrite armor cannot be smelted in the game as its durability is very high and that is why it is unbreakable.

The Bottom Line:

A furnace is a very useful tool in Minecraft as it saves so much time and can be used for smelting and creating by-products quickly. Crafting a furnace is also very easy, making it all the more important in the game as no fancy resources are required to craft it and it serves many purposes.

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