How to make a trapdoor in Minecraft?

Minecraft hasn’t left anything untouched and has designed the game so well that the players don’t get bored and made the game as real as possible by including trapdoors.

If you don’t know how to make a trapdoor in Minecraft then don’t worry and just have a look at this article. It won’t take long to learn the process.

Trapdoors are one of the many items that you can craft in Minecraft with limited resources.

So let’s see the items required to built it.

Items required to build a trapdoor

Required ItemsQuantityImage
Wooden PlanksSixWooden-plank

How to make a Trapdoor in Minecraft?

Here’s the step by step process for the trapdoor:

  • Step 1: Collect some wood and open the crafting table as shown above.
  • Step 2: Make wooden planks from the wood and place them on the crafting menu. The planks should be placed exactly as shown in the image for the crafting to work.
  • Step 3: Once the crafting is done, you will have two trapdoors that you can use.
  • Step 4: Move the trapdoors to your inventory.

How to get wood in Minecraft?


Finding wood won’t be a difficult task for you in the game as trees are placed everywhere in the game but if you want a large bunch of wood you can get it from the jungle biome as a lot of trees are placed there.

To chop off wood from a tree you would require an axe, you can also chop wood in the game using hands but it would be a time-consuming process and using an axe would make it much easier.

How to make wood planks in Minecraft?

Making wood planks is easy if you have already collected the wood.

  • Step 1: Open the craft table.
  • Step 2: Place the collected wood at the top right corner of the grid.
  • Step 3: You will get 4 wooden planks once the crafting is finished.
  • Step 4: Place the wooden planks marked in red to your inventory and use them to make trapdoor.

Please Note: You need 6 wooden planks for a trapdoor. Therefore, repeat the process to make more wooden planks.

Use of Trapdoors 

You must be thinking trapdoors do not require many resources but how will they be used in the game?

Just have a look at the uses of trapdoors and you would get it all:

1. Underground entrance

you can use trapdoors to design entrances for undergrounds and you can easily access that area whenever you are mining you don’t want to find the ways again and again just use the trapdoors and mark an entrance there.

2. Entrance door

Instead of using normal wooden doors, you can also use trap doors at the entrance of your mansion which also keeps you protected from zombies and you do not have to fight any of the monsters as they cannot enter through the trapdoors inside the mansion.

5. Automatic staircase

You can design an automatic staircase with trapdoors you just need to design a staircase with the trapdoors and integrate it with a perfectly connected Redstone circuit using which it can be operated and when you are done using the staircase just push the switch and the staircase can be retracted onto its original place.

4. Mansion entrance

An automatic entrance can be designed using trapdoors you just need to fix the trapdoor at the entrance and integrate it with a Redstone circuit whenever you step on the entrance the switch will be pulled by the pressure on the pressure placed there and the trapdoor will open up.


Q1. How to make an iron trapdoor in Minecraft?

Ans: To make an iron trapdoor you will require 6 iron ingots and place them on the crafting table and the iron trapdoor will be crafted,

Q2. What do trapdoors do in Minecraft?

Ans: Trapdoors can be used for making entrances in the game and they can be also used for making staircases, drawbridges etc.

Q3. Do trapdoors block water?

Ans: Trapdoors can be used to block water and lava and they can completely block both from moving further.

Q4. Can villagers open trapdoors?

Ans: No villagers cannot open trapdoors and they can only open the wooden doors designed in the game.

Q5. Do trapdoors burn?

Ans: Trapdoors cannot be burned by using the normal methods and can only be burned using the furnace and we need to smelt them if we want to burn them.

The Bottom Line

Trapdoors are a very useful tool in the game and can be made easier with a limited production process. Not many resources are required for making trapdoors which makes them very easy to craft. They are used by players for various purposes like making entrances, staircases etc.

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